September 18, 2020

Young Person to Watch, Forgy Mokalapa

GAUTENG, SA – Forgy Mokalapa is Her Grit Magazine’s very first, young person to watch.  The 22 year old is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and mentor to fellow women, empowers men and youth in her community.  Forgy caught out attention on social media and we are happy to introduce you the future builder of South Africa and now, the world.   Here’s her story…enjoy.

Who is Forgy Mokalapa?

“Where are you from?” they ask. I always ask myself “how do I answer this question without feeling like I’m sharing telling my life story?”  Maybe I should just tell them that I’m a country girl. I mean, being born in Limpopo in the dusty streets of Ga-Masemola covered by cow dung then moving to the township of eMbalenhle in Mpumalanga to inhale the polluted air caused by mines. Limpopo is where my roots are but Mpumalanga made me.

If I were to be a finalist for Miss SA and tell the world I’m from Limpopo, my people from eMbalenhle, Mpumalanga would not be pleased with me. The same goes for if I were to say that I’m from Mpumalanga. My people from Limpopo would mock me and say I’m lost. Now I’m currently based in Gauteng. So, I’m a country girl.

I was born on the 22nd of May 1996. I am the only child to my late mother Joyce Mabu Mokalapa but I have a lot of siblings from my late father, Sam Talane who passed away in 2012 on Christmas eve. One of the days I will never forget.

Getting a Study Bursary from Metro FM DJ MoFlava 

It was Lisa Nichols who said that the clues are everywhere we just don’t take note. Most kids go to pre-school, primary school, high school then if lucky or if they wish and circumstances permit, go to college or university to further their studies. But, that was not the case with me.

I attended high school at Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary school where I passed my grade 12 with a bachelor’s degree entrance pass in 2014. When my peers were going to university, I was up and down at malls looking for a job to keep myself busy.

You might be wondering, why was I up and down at malls looking for a job with a bachelor’s degree entrance instead of going to university to further my studies? Well, this had nothing to do with my results but everything to do with where I wanted to study and the required funds to study there.

My dream was to study at Boston Media House and become a qualified radio broadcaster. So, after realizing that I was not going to be able to straight after high school, I decided to take a gap year and look for a job.

The same thing happened the following year. In 2017 I  finally received a bursary from the Metro FM DJ MoFlava after auditioning three times in two consecutive years.

Being a Teacher at 19 years old

I once attended a Gospel vs Motivation event and one of the words I took home with me that night was, “God will qualify you.” These were words by Abongile Mangala who is a gentleman from Eastern Cape.

One of the most gifted speakers I know. When I was taking a gap year in 2015, I got a job at Cross Trainers at Secunda Mall as a sales assistant. And, just a month after resigning, I got a call from one of my former teachers telling me that there is a shortage of teachers at the school and she is wondering if I can help.

She said they wanted me to be an assistant educator. When I got to school, I realized that I’m actually going to have my own classes, set tests, mark and grade! I still remember how mesmerized I was when I first got my timetable.

Unforgettable! I taught English in grade 8, Social Sciences in grade 9 and Geography in grade 10. I have done a lot of things during my teen years; Fashion shows, entered Miss Mpumalanga, local entertainment events MC, debate and all but nothing can ever be compared to the experience of being a teacher at 19.

Abongile was right. God qualifies! That experience contributed a lot to the woman I am today and the confidence I have about my future.

What does Forgy Mokalapa actually do?

This is one of my favorite questions to answer. I am quite proud of the work I enjoy telling people what I do. ( When they ask of course!)

I am the Director of Forgy Mokalapa Events of Honor (PTY) Ltd.  The founder of #Buildawoman Annual Women Empowerment Events, Ligotshwa Lisemanzi Career Awareness & Mentorship program and #Buildaman project which is a project aimed at empowering men.

#Buildawoman is an event aimed at helping women find their purpose and tap into their power while Ligotshwa Lisemanzi exposes young people in high school to the different career fields available and assigns them mentors who are already in the fields they want to be in.

All I wanted to do was just speak and be a channel of hope through speaking but God had bigger plans. The school visits gave me a lot of ideas and I found myself hosting events and creating a platform for other speakers.

What Inspires me

I’m inspired by my past achievements. When I look at the things I’ve been able to achieve, I realize that I can have and be everything that I want.

I believe the universe is forever ready to deliver! All we have to do is ask with our words of affirmation accompanied by action and we shall receive. Nothing is impossible!

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Young Person to Watch, Forgy Mokalapa

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