October 23, 2020

Women, The Universal Backbone!

DURBAN – On this day women are celebrated, mainly for their enduring spirit and unconditional love. Many obstacles are faced by women every single day but they never throw in the towel instead they take it like real ‘she-roes’. Let’s break down a few things women excel in…

Roles of a Woman

Family, when a woman has kids she makes sure they get the warmest love and her duties as a mother are done to perfection. They know just how to maintain happiness within the family and often don’t show their defeat to their kids so she has to act strong but in reality that is one factor of being a strong individual. Some women play roles of being both parents to their kids and achieve closing the gaps of absent fathers.

Work, nowadays we have women in management positions and a huge percentage of businesses female-managed are successful and keep running for a long time. This proves that good maintenance comes naturally to women.

Support, they can comfort one another and melt away one’s problem. As the Zulu saying goes ‘’wathint’abafazi, wathint’imbokodo’’ (you touch women, you touch a rock).

The list is endless, not forgetting cleanliness, perseverance, and thriving talents. In the past women were not given the right platform to actually perform their natural talents and share bright ideas so have been undermined and underestimated until they were given the chance to thrive. We have so many female figures that will forever be remembered for their selflessness and motivating personalities.

Their Legacies Shall Live On

To name a few, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Queen Nandi, Maya Angelou and the living legends Oprah Winfrey and many more. In the entertainment industry, we know many women who are loved worldwide for their performances and talents. What’s being celebrated about women is the way they’ve been patient and lay low whilst being destroyed and abused not forgetting undermined. They waited until they had the chance many created the chance and grabbed the opportunity never letting go. Today they still shining as they are the light of the universe, working and bearing children and yet excelling in everything they do.

A piece of advice to every woman out there, don’t give up until you are proud and they may push you to the ground and ignore your cries but ‘’like dust, you shall rise’’.

All the pain you take in, the bruises you inherit and the heartache residing in your hearts make you the woman you want to be tomorrow. Continue making your mark and leaving your footprints on the sands of time. You are the best mother, role model, and pillar of strength.

‘’Wonderful Optimistic Magnificent Enduring Natural’’

Thank you for containing yourselves and striving for excellence. Your work is noticed, may it appear to be less in your eyes but just know to someone out there, you have made a difference and for that, you shall be blessed. Women are gems, the foundation to everything strong and beautiful. Their touch is golden. They are, indeed the backbone of the universe.

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Women, The Universal Backbone!

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