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Healthy Bacon Dish By Migente Foods

Winter Nutrition Tips by Migente Foods

JOHANNESBURG – Take the time to know the nutrition value of the foods you eat. Timing is also very important when it comes to healthy eating plan. Migente Foods is a catering company that specializes in making health, a culture.  Not only in your day to day eating, but on all occasions.

We use organic & healthy ingredients with all our meals. We don’t promote any diet but give our clients a balanced nutrition.

The best part is we do all kinds of cuisines because as Head Chef, I have travelled the world gathered experience. Our main priority is “Best Nutrition” and to take away the stigma that eating healthy means eating leaves or horrible foods.

When to eat what foods;

  • Carbs are best eating in the morning and lunch time because you are moving around all day and your body needs them for energy.
  • Proteins are best for muscle build up. All your meaĺs should include them.
  • Take less sugar and fizzy drinks. They breakdown in your body, causing a slow metabolism and result in weight gain.

We prepare meals that not only taste amazing but also improve health. They’re suitable for people want to lose or maintain their weight and most importantly those with diabetes, for instance.

Healthy delicious chicken dish – Migente Foods

Butternut Soup Recipe 

1 Butternut cut in half

Diced Butter 25g ×2

Cinnamon 20g

Cream (250ml)

Honey 50g

Pinch of salt & Pepper


Cut the butternut into half

Rub honey ,cinnamon, butter on the butternut and Oven Bake 180°C

When soft scoop out the inside,blend it, add cream

Salt and pepper

Simmer it for 10min

Serves 3 ppl

Meet Londiwe (Pretty Chef) Khuluse 

Londiwe “Pretty Chef” Khuluse

Londiwe is the Founder and Head Chef of Migente Foods. She is also a Radio Personality on Massive Metro, Dj Sbu’s Online Radio Station. Pretty Chef recently catered for Sbusiso Leope’s launch of The Hustler’s Academy. 

Migente Foods catering at DJ Sbu’s Hustler’s Academy Launch

 They not only cater for events but also for people who don’t have time to cook after work.  Visit  Migente Facebook Page.  You can meet her live and join her cooking class.  Not only will there be amazing food but also empowering one another through conversations on burning issues, while cooking. 


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Winter Nutrition Tips by Migente Foods

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