September 18, 2020

Why Your Networking Isn’t Working

CAIRO – The world has never been more connected. This is the best of times for businesses to flourish on a global level because all means of communication are offered with the easiest access. Today’s golden keyword for success is Networking. If you know how to connect and strategically reach the right people and places, you and your business can easily achieve your plan for success.

Where Are You Networking?

Simply, because you are delivering your message through the right responsive channels. However, you can get easily caught up in the large pool of channels and contacts, making you easily misplace yourself and, ultimately, your networking won’t be working effectively. And so, you need to manage your time in order to efficiently direct your focus, and distribute your effort among several tactics to help you network right.

First things first, know your target contacts. If you’re looking to build strong social and business relationships to develop your professional path, then you need to be familiar with the biggest and rising names in your field of interest. You can achieve that through social media, and yes, your common friends’ list. Dedicate a fair chunk of your personal time catching up with online content related to your field. More often than not, you will detect names of rising figures in your industry; learn those names because these are people who can still be within reach. Another fun and inquisitive activity is to browse your common friends’ lists on social media platforms. Especially with Linkedin, since it’s a more professional platform. This will, again, acquaint you with the people and places you want to be networking with.

How to open conversation & stay in touch

Secondly, the art of conversation and semantics is not to be undervalued. Whether you are networking online, or you are on an on-ground event; the way you approach others is paramount. The moment you initiate communication, you need to make it influential, and not come off as a selfish party. Naturally, one is inclined to exchange pleasantries, but small talk will not influence the person standing in front of you. Think of ways in which this relationship could be mutually beneficial, mention these benefits in your conversation. Make your contact want you as well. 

When communicating online, make sure you are sending personally customized messages, avoid broadcast messages and mass emails. Give your contact attention, include a personal question and genuinely ask about how they have been. Dedicate some time to building mildly personal relationship in order to strengthen your business relationship. 

Invest in an eye-catching business card. When you’re out in conferences, events, meetings, or even a colleague’s birthday party; always have a card you can hand over. What if you meet a big figure in your industry? Most likely they won’t have the memory to remember you at the end of the night if they have already been approached by a dozen other business owners. However, your business card will lie in their pockets as a token of remembrance. 

Invest in your network

Good networking needs a personal investment of time and effort. You need to commit yourself to research, you need to dedicate your time to going out and about. Make yourself seen in the right places, initiate conversations and sustain your relationships. Networking is not a once-off action, you need to be constantly keeping up with the people you have connected with to keep yourself fresh on their minds.  This isn’t to say become a stalker, just touch base respectfully.


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Why Your Networking Isn't Working

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