October 23, 2020

Why Property Investing Is a Good Option for Moms

BIRMINGHAM, UK – Do you wake up on a Monday morning willing for it to be the weekend again? That heavy feeling of having to go to the office, doing the same tiresome tasks and not having the bank balance to match it. Are you on a strict time regime in the mornings to get the children ready and out of the house so that you can make it work on time?

Does it feel like your children work against you at the time when you are rushing the most? Do you feel like cloning yourself so that you can literally be here, there and everywhere? What would you say to a solution which gives you more hours in the day, pays you while you sleep and allows you to give your children everything and more?  I am Shervonne Hamilton, a Property Strategist, Coach and mother of three.  Let’s get into why property investing is your next best-earning option.

You want More, Property can make it Possible

We all have reasons for wanting something more and for those of us who have children, it usually starts with them. Not only being able to meet their basic needs of food and shelter but giving them a lifestyle where they can experience different parts of the world.  To expose them to different activities and most importantly inspire them to be successful, to think about the big picture and to know there are no limits to what they can achieve in this life.

I have been investing in property for years and the reason I chose property investing is that it is a sure path to passive wealth.

Do you think you would be a lot happier if you knew paying your bills would not be a problem? Or knowing you didn’t have to rely on your job to put clothes on your children’s back? Better still, doing a job once and getting paid every single month rather than literally exchanging your time for money.

The Key to Wealth

Most Millionaires become wealthy through Property Investing which is the gateway to building multiple businesses. Property is like flicking the switch to light the first bulb in your circuit. Then slowly, more bulbs are added and then the circuit becomes bigger and it multiplies. Suddenly you have multiple streams of income, so many options, and opportunities to live the life you want and enjoy your time with your children.

“Is property investing risky?” HELL YEAH property is risky! But a lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet is risky. Driving a car with your eyes closed is risky – but all risks can be managed.

Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, think about what doors will open for you when you get it right! Then think about the example you are setting for your children and the REAL things you will provide for your children that you didn’t have.

Shervonne Hamilton about to Speak to over 800 Entrepreneurs in JHB, South Africa. Mega Business, a JT Foxx event.

The more you know, The Better

Get educated, get to know the basics, know your numbers and take action. Having your wealth attached to an asset which is tangible, which (unlike cash) increases in value over time and gives you the power for your financial future outweighs any risk you face when you continue the same routine which has got you to where you are now.

“I don’t have time to invest in property” Do you have fewer hours in the day than anyone else? Do you know anyone that has 25 hours in their day?

First of all, when you get into the property, you need to decide whether this is just another job or whether you are building a successful property business. You need to look at property as a progressive step to get you away from the daily grind as opposed to something else which doesn’t pay unless you show up!

A lot of people do not believe they have the time to invest in property, but when you break your day down, you will be shocked to know how much time you spend watching TV, on social media or talking/texting on the phone. Let me tell you a secret: Richard Branson, JT Foxx, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk all have 24 hours in their days too! They’re not superhuman (to my knowledge) they’re just like us!

Here are 3 Tips every successful Property Investor knows:

  1. The “done up value” start with the end in mind. A lot of amateur investors make the mistake of depending on the market to make a profit. The DUV is the value of the property once you have fixed up the property and is THE most important number you must know;
  2. Supply and Demand – You need to qualify the area you want to invest in. If properties are in demand and there is a lack of supply, this is a potential opportunity! You need to know this before you consider buying anything in the area;
  3. Stay Legal. You don’t want to swap your properties for jail cells! You want to sleep well at night knowing you haven’t left anybody in danger and that you have worked within the existing regulations and legislation.

In closing

Now I am definitely not suggesting that you quit your job to become a Property Investor today – I would never advocate that you need to make sure your bills are paid.

But with small adjustments to your daily routine, having a coach and some education you will succeed in Property. You don’t need qualifications to invest, you don’t even need your own money all you need is dogged determination and you will build your empire.

Let’s Connect

If you are on your property journey or want to start, I am here if you have any questions and need some guidance;

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Why Property Investing Is a Good Option for Moms

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