September 18, 2020

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What To Do When It’s Time To Let Go

JOHANNESBURG – Ladies, have you ever been so caught up in the past that everyone around you saw it, so did you but a huge part of you cannot let go?  Some call it attachment but I want us to give more momentum to letting go.  Whether it’s a stale relationship, stagnant career, bad habits, fear or self-doubt.   Very rarely do we not need to let go of anything, I am sure if you looked close enough at your life you will find at least five things to let go of.  For all of us, change is constant.

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over – Paul Coelho

Let Go of your Comfort Zone

A lot of pain and disappointments can be avoided if we applied this to our lives. Most times we stay in situations that we know have reached an end. Mainly because we are afraid of change. We become anxious about the unknown and choose to stay in a  familiar environment. This gives us comfort and surety and it’s not our fault because our bodies and minds are designed that way. We believe that change and uncertainty are dangerous. 

However, this could be very dangerous and detrimental to relationships. If we do not identify that it’s time to let go, we might look back a few years from now and realize that nothing has changed or progressed even though you know you deserve better.

Or maybe you’re in a job that you know you’ve reached your potential in. You know you’ve proved yourself and developed and can’t go any further from there, but you’re just too afraid of the uncertainty so you stay another 10 years in a familiar and comfortable environment.


You could also be single and maintain the same approach to every new relationship, therefore, experiencing the very same result. This is the result of the fear of letting go of familiar habits and behaviors.

Most times we know we should move onto a new chapter. Onto the new us, but we are too afraid. Uncertainty is hard but very necessary.

As hard as uncertainty may be, we must close the doors that expose us to unhappiness. If it causes you to question your self-worth, let it go!  And if it’s toxic, RUN!  

The unknown is exactly that, so logically there is no evidence of anything to fear so why do we?  Let it go Sis!

Take the leap of faith. Many times we whine about certain things without realizing that it takes one person, step or decision to make a difference.  Imagine walking into your job and suddenly NOT taking anything less than you deserve?  What about finally deciding to not compromising your happiness for someone who doesn’t meet your needs? Or finally taking up a new challenge. All it takes is A LEAP OF FAITH to make a difference. To walk away, to change a negative into a positive, to make a change and finally to let go.

You must find the courage to leave the table when you know it’s now the end.

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What To Do When It's Time To Let Go

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