October 28, 2020

Water, the best moisturizer for Afro hair………is it?!

BELGIUM – Hi there, I’m Janine Van Throo, the Natural Hair Therapist and I’m here to help you take care of your crowns you beautiful Queens.  Whether you wear your hair naturally, weave it, braid, dreadlocks, Afro or under a wig. You still wash it.  Here’s the truth about what water really does to your hair.  Not too long ago I visited a natural hair workshop where a visitor asked what was the best way to moisturize her hair.

The answer was short and sweet…Water!  That is the best moisturizer there is for our hair.  I have read this on a lot of blogs before and heard a lot of people stating that water indeed was and is the best moisturizer that you can use for your hair.

Water is not a moisturizer…

At least not on its own!

Our hair consist of, depending of the humidity between 6-13% of water. So water is a fundamental part of hair.  Moisture in our hair reduces static and it contributes to the flexibility and strength of hair.

It is true that hair will take up water, but the fact is, it also loses the water. This means that indeed, hair can take up the water but it cannot hold the water.  If you just spray water to your hair it will eventually evaporate, leaving your hair in the exact same state as you started.

Your hair will happily take up water but it will just as happy give it away.

Oils (and butters) have the role of maintaining moisture.  They slow down the loss of water from your hair by forming a barrier.  Oils will also repel water, this means that the water will not be able to sit on the surface of the hair. 

But these are not the only factors that contribute to the moisture in your hair. The level of moisture in hair depends on the humidity of the air. If the air is humid, hair will absorb water and if the air is dry water will be lost from the hair.

With all this, I conclude that water – on its own, it NOT a moisturizer!

What are your thoughts on this?


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Water, the best moisturizer for Afro hair………is it?!

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