October 28, 2020

Samareh Lilith Rahnavardi

Understanding Ho’oponopono, A Deep Emotional Healing

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – Hello Ladies, it’s Coach Sam here writing to you from Savannah USA today, I’ll be coming back to South Africa soon.  In the meantime, I have been getting lots of questions on the topic of Ho’oponopono since my last article.  This article will take your understanding of this magnificent healing technique to the next level; so you may open your heart to the truth of love and experience the joy it can bring to you, to the fullest.

In his letter to his daughter Albert Einstein said:

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.”

How profound and magnificent his words are. But if we can’t open our hearts to forgiveness and gratitude, we cannot reach the highest level of unconditional and true love.

Introduction To Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice for healing that means to make (hoo) right (pono) right (pono). It heals deep emotional wounds, gets rid of negative memories and thoughts. While it can also correct relationship problems and turn stress to calmness & inner peace.

In the past in Hawaiian culture, a doctor would be called into a family context to uncover problems. To help them practice forgiveness, release each other from conflict and negative perception, grudges, and guilt. Hawaiian doctors knew that conflict and grudges eventually cause disease. And that is a fact proven by science these days.

Ho’oponopono has been updated and used for many different kinds of healing practices as you will discover if you research the word. Today I will be introducing you to the most simple and yet powerful way use of Hooponopono for relationship forgiveness.

How To Reduce Stress & Improve Your Life and Relationships 

First, take a moment and think about all the negativity in the world, your life and around you and realize how it has increased in recent years. Even our beautiful Mother Earth has been suffering from the effect of all these negative emotions and frequencies.

Ho’oponopono is a simple but profound tool that will open your heart to positive feelings of love and gratitude, which is the highest vibration existing in the universe. Initially, when you start going through the process of learning about it, it will seem difficult; I’ve experienced this myself. Why would I want to go around forgiving anyone and everything when they have done me wrong, you may ask or think?

The answer to that my friend is that you are worth living a life full of love, joy, and inspiration with lightness on your body, heart, and soul. Since this practice has no effect but bringing joy and love, and we all deserve all the love and joy. Why not make it a process of gifting your own self more of all that and chose to give it a try?

You have nothing to lose but to rather gain all the positive emotions that love and gratitude can bring for you which will lead you to live a life with fulfillment and success. Do you think you are worth all that?

I bet the answer is a big YES!

So let me guide you a bit more on this magnificent technique.

What To Use It For 

You will use Ho’oponopono to deal with negative feelings when someone has hurt or upset you. Ho’oponopono can be used for any kind of forgiveness but I am recommending it now for the smaller every-day types of forgiveness.  In order to help keep relationships from dissolving into anger and bitterness and yet to create more love and fulfilment. Whether it is an intimate romantic relationship you would like to work on. Or one that has ended and you would like to move on with a light full heart. It also works for your relationships at work and family dynamics.

Who are you addressing in Ho’oponopono? Yourself!  Many people also feel like they are addressing the Divine as a part of this experience. You will likely also include the other person in the relationship during this meditation process. You’re saying that you are sorry/regret about that problem and are seeking forgiveness/cleansing from the past so that you can live more happily in the present.

Creation Of A Pure Heart

Ho’oponopono consists of four phrases: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Why would you start out “I am sorry; Please forgive me” when you need to forgive someone else for a transgression against you? We call this practice “cleansing ,” you clean yourself of your negative feelings and remove them from your memory or subconscious mind; whatever negativity is not working for you or causing you stress.

You are expressing the fact that you no longer wish to suffer from a current or past problem. In this kind of situation it is normal to want the other person to change. Which is a normal response, yes, but the truth is that it is impossible! The only person you can ever change is yourself. In a two-person situation you will have played some role in the relationship problem even if it’s just a victim.


You will be using Ho’oponopono to obtain forgiveness for yourself: forgiveness for whatever is within you that helped to create the problem. You are taking responsibility of what has happened in your life and you show your willingness to clear that error on your part of the story.

The next two phrases are “Thank you. I love you.” The “you” could be yourself, the other person and/or the Divine. Focusing on gratitude and love will help you anchor into a heart-based response.

The mind by itself is never able to solve negativity and distress, whereas the heart can hold huge amount of positive emotions. So aligning the mind and the heart in the middle and in a zero point of perception can lead to healing.

Feelings of self-acceptance and self-love are increased during this process which will lead to a quiet feeling of vulnerability to Divine’s love. Ho’oponopono is also a mindfulness technique helping you to live in the present not in the memories of past that cannot be changed, nor in the fears of an imaginary futures that all leads to stress and negativity and finally distress and disease.

So here is a guide on how to use the phrases:

  • Sit in a quiet place , close your eyes and take 3 deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth and relax.
  • Think of a problem that you have negative feelings, worry or sadness about.
  • Start thinking about that problem and let it come to the surface instead of supressing it down. As you start thinking about the problem quietly start repeating the phrases in your mind and heart.

I am sorry…

Please forgive me…

Thank you …

I love you…

And maybe play a soft music that can help you go through a calmness state of mind.

And keep doing this exercise for 10 minutes a day.

Remember all you doing while your eyes are closed is thinking about that what stresses you out and keep repeating the phrases slowly in your heart and mind, that’s all!

It is wise not to question the process and what is happening and just let it happen.

When you are done, Open your eyes gently, smile, wipe your tears off if any, and keep going through out your day.

If the negative feeling occur during the day keep whispering the phrases immediately in your mind and keep going.


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Understanding Ho'oponopono, A Deep Emotional Healing

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