September 18, 2020

UK Investor, Shervonne Hamilton says go for Property!

BIRMINGHAM, UK –  Hello Ladies, meet Shervonne Hamilton, a Property Strategist and Speaker.  She helps people become successful by showing them how to maximize their earning potential in property investing.

“The things that I value most are my health, time and family; property has given me the freedom to maintain and sustain them. What is important to you?” – Shervonne Hamilton 

We sat with Shervonne and asked her to share insights and some tips to help more women invest in property.  You are in for a treat, keep reading, here’s what she had to say.

Start Where You Are

Being through the feast and the famine of the employed industry, I found a way to secure the future of our family and we want other people to be aware too. I mean everyone likes options right? Nobody really wants their lives to be dictated to them by the size of their bank account.

I am a qualified social worker and I specialized in child protection. My working day frequently went way beyond my contracted hours which compromised the time I had to spend with my loved ones; caused a lack of sleep and not to mention stress. But the biggest turning point for me was when I put other people’s children before my own; out of professional obligation. As my husband, David and I had more children, I knew something had to change because we weren’t living the lives I envisioned for my family and me.

At that time in my life, I didn’t know any better than the traditional teachings of “go to school, get good grades and get a good job.” In 2012 a friend presented me with an opportunity to get involved with a network marketing company which also offered personal development workshops.

This was the first time I began to surround myself with people outside of my social network, business owners and other successful people. But the pivotal thing I learned was that there was another way to become successful other than the traditional teachings that were ingrained in me. I loved that successful people thought so much different to me at that time.

Q & A with Property Investor, Shervonne Hamilton

Q1: What 3 principles can you say you took from your Social work environment to investing in property

1. Ethics

I like to sleep well at night and as a landlord, I have to be certain my tenants feel safe and secure and that I am not putting them at risk. I am not driven by money, I’m driven by results; the results of our clients, our partners and the work that we do.

2. Positive Change 

My vision is to affect positive change in people’s lives and one of the ways I do that is transforming shells into homes for people. I use property investing as a vehicle not only to give us options and wealth but to help others when they invest with us.

3. Family First

As I said earlier I was in a position where I was obligated to put the needs of other children before my own. This goes against my innate instinct as a mother to ensure my children are safe and happy. As a Social Worker, my job dominated my life. Even when I was with my family physically, I wasn’t present emotionally because I was thinking about work. I made a conscious decision to change my environment and give my children the head start in their lives I never had.  Property investing has allowed me to do that.

Photo by: Emma Hollings Photography, Edited by Andrew Herring

Q2: What do your clients experience from you in terms of putting together a strategy? In other words, what’s in it for them?

  • They experience personal and professional growth as a result of being coached by me. Once I understand your situation and financial circumstances, I work with you to develop a strategy that’s most suited to you to follow.
  • We agree with specific goals to achieve and create a succinct plan of action to follow. I share templates, documents and members of our wealth team. I also provide accountability to ensure our clients remain on their path to their success and to provide support at the times when they are faced with adversity. The success of my clients is important, not only does it leave me with a feeling of fulfillment to know I have changed their lives but if they are not successful, then neither am I. So I am completely invested in their property journey.

Q3: Why is mindset important for a property investor? And, what 3 characteristics can you say are clear signs of a successful investor?

I always say to my students and at my seminars that you have to get used to the word “No” as a property investor. You will hear it a lot and will be faced with all sorts of rejection but more importantly, you need to learn how to say, “No.” The latter may sound strange, but you’ll be surprised how many people I come across whose plans get de-railed because they end up being embroiled in somebody else’s life, drama or problems.

The 3 characteristics of a successful investor are someone who is;

1. Creativity

In property, things don’t always go according to plan and you need to be able to make good business decisions in a short space of time.

2. Resilience

Being a property investor is not easy and you will experience times when you think, “This isn’t working out” or times when you don’t get the results you expect. Without a positive mental attitude, the property industry will defeat you. You must be able to bounce back!

3. Goal Orientated

David and I always have a goal for the year and targets to meet to achieve our goals. Goals and deadlines will always keep you moving forward. We want our clients to keep growing personally and professionally.

Photo by: Emma Hollings Photography, Edited by Andrew Herring

Q5: Now that you’ve landed in SA, what can South Africans look forward to from you?

– It’s my first time here so I am definitely interested to learn more about the culture and people’s views on the property market there as well as what is important to them.

– We have found a way to secure wealth for ourselves and our families for generations to come and I want to spread our message to everyone. I want people to recognize that if they keep living the way they are, they will receive the results they have. There are risks in property investing, but those risks can be managed with the right education.

Property investing allows you take control of your financial future so that you don’t have to rely on the medieval teachings of getting a good, secure job.  You can build your own path to wealth and success and we will build with our clients brick by brick.

Shervonne Hamilton will be speaking at Mega Business this weekend, which is one of the most anticipated events for entrepreneurs and investors from different parts of the world.

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UK Investor, Shervonne Hamilton says go for Property!

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