October 23, 2020

The Road to an Invincible You, Carmen Davenport

JOHANNESBURG – Inspirational life strategist, mentor, businesswoman, and US Marine (retired); Carmen Nelson Davenport stands as a role model to many women. She has risen from the ashes of trauma and brings out the best in herself and others. Carmen was born and raised in New York City, she joined the U.S. Marine Corps after 1 year of college, successfully completed three combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, and walked out at the second-highest rank with 25 years of service.

The Invincible Carmen

Carmen is committed to life-long learning because she knows that education is critical to support the growth of her clients.  While still on active duty, Carmen worked to get her master’s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership.  She is also currently enrolled in her Doctorates program for Business, expected to complete it in 2 years.

After going through some difficult obstacles in her life, Carmen was determined not to give up; she is a woman who sees the potential for greatness in everyone. From that point, she founded Invincible You Coaching.

We interviewed Carmen to know more about her life, what put her on the road towards greatness, and how she finds the Invincible You in everyone.

Q: So, Carmen, how was your idea of Invincible You conceived?

A:  I have always had a passion to bring out the best in people and to help them see in themselves what I saw in them, and that is great potential. I founded this company because I truly believe in people and the gifts instilled in them.  I believe everyone has a purpose. However, we sometimes have difficulties identifying it.  Traumas can easily halt our lives and provide us with a lack of identity.

Q: What do you believe makes you qualified to coach other women?

My experience with trauma is what qualifies me to help and guide others. I utilize over 30 years of personal growth training and experience, and 25 years of military training and experience to help others reach their full potential. 

I was molested for seven of my childhood years, raped a couple of times, lived in a household covered with alcohol and drug abuse, healed from my own addictions, bullied as a child and adult. For a while, I struggled with my identity and purpose. I did not know love, love myself or understood how to give love. It took some time but I finally learned how to give love and more importantly, love myself.  This enabled me to build self-confidence, self-growth, and self-worth in myself.

These were just a few of the struggles I am sharing at this time. Because of this, I fell into a dark place for 30 years.  However, because of my perseverance and tenacity, I was able to fight my way out.   These experiences were extremely beneficial for me to mentor other women. I encourage women to rise above any controversy they are faced with. I motivate women to set their boundaries and standards higher and to be exceptional compared to what is expected of women.  

Q: How does the Invincible You program run?

A: There are three types of programs for potential clients to choose from. These programs run from three to six months, depending on the type. I start off with an initial assessment to get to know the person.

Together, we start building a personal strategic plan to follow, because everyone’s goals are different. I encourage my clients to keep an online journal to track and document progress. The program also includes multiple hours of strategy and accountability meetings, online sessions, and personal encouragement emails.

Q: What does a person walkout from the Invincible You program with?

A: They walk out with Clarity, Courage, and Purpose. We aim to provide others with the ability to look in the mirror and see the person we see; the Invincible You.  Our mission is to provide our clients with the keys to unlock their inner strength so that they can enjoy the successes waiting for them on the other side of their self-created boundary.

We give people clarity so they can clearly see the big picture, so their problems appear smaller and more manageable. We also help others identify and achieve their goals a lot faster. We help them develop courage; a courageous person can stand firm against the rise of fears and adversities.  The purpose is something that seems elusive for most people, but it is obvious to us.  They will know their purpose after we’ve worked through their known and unknown blocks. Everyone deserves to live a life that they enjoy and are proud of.

We also help our clients build confidence; a confident person experiences healthy and harmonious relationships with people. We help to build commitment;  a committed person will push through walls until they accomplish their goals.  And, finally security; we help our clients remove insecurities that have been preventing them from making decisions that will significantly improve their lives.

Q: What is Invincible You’s mission?

A: Our mission is to provide you with the keys to unlock your inner strength so you can enjoy the successes waiting for you on the other side of the self-created boundary.  end all painful cycles, for good. It is to make sure that you enjoy being in your own skin. To help you think positively, have a healthy bank account, fulfilling work, emotional well-being, and a positive family environment.

If you want to catch Carmen Davenport, she will be speaking at the Purpose on the Rise Conference, in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 10th of August.

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The Road to an Invincible You, Carmen Davenport

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