September 18, 2020

The Power of Passion and Perseverance

JOHANNESBURG, SA – We all want something out of life. Different people want different things.  Hence, one of the most powerful questions is simply “What do you want?” –  What do you really want? When this is clear, your passion and perseverance will help you realize your goals.  Here is where you can start to get clarity, they say “inspect what you expect.”

Start; understand your Passion

Do you want to be a great writer?  Do you want to be a wealthy and powerful entrepreneur? Do you want to be a spiritual guide to humanity? Do you want to be a kick-ass parent and build a stable and healthy family or do you just want to find peace and happiness in a challenging life?

Chances are most us want a few things more than the other. But, how many of us actually achieve these wants and why?  How do we predict which one us will advance into our goals and who will be the most effective? 

Studies have shown that talent and higher IQ’s don’t necessarily make us more successful.  The common factor found in successful people is their passion and perseverance. The focus and efforts that are invested into that which they desire to achieve. 

It seems like an easy formula right?

No, the road to success is not a simple, straight path. We stumble, we fail, and we regress.

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Maintain a Growth Mindset

We experience disappointments and setbacks through this journey and we lose focus of our objectives. Through all of life’s crafty challenges and attempts to derail us from our goals, we have the power to stay focused and to persevere.

Maintaining a growth mindset means your ability to perform and excel is not fixed, it develops with dedication and hard work, which is essential to achieve your goals.

The moment you decide where you are going, have realistic and transparent goal formulations then you’re on the first step to success. Identify your purpose to strive for, to take your best ideas and strongest intentions and test them. Be willing to fail and start all over again until you reach your optimal performance level.

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Live to have the Righ Attitude

You stand a better chance of achieving your goals based on how you treat yourself and therefore others.  Work towards mastering the attitude of success and resilience. Focus and tap into that reserve of passion and perseverance that is buried on the inside.

What is it that you want? And, What do you really want?

Once you have established that and implemented this formula of an outstanding attitude and an unstoppable belief, you will begin to grow from one success to another….

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.- Napoleon Hill”

Let’s Connect

I am Natasha Barat, an intrapreneur, Accountant and proud contributor to Her Grit Magazine.  I’d love to hear from you, let’s grow together.

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The Power of Passion and Perseverance

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