May 29, 2020

Take A Hint of Jazz by Jazmine Slaughter

PHILADELPHIA, USA – I had been living with my ex-boyfriend for about a month. It was a tumultuous time in my life. I was about to go to bed, but I was on the phone with my best friend/business partner complaining about being stagnant. Questioning whether leaving school to live with a guy who couldn’t stand my guts was a good idea. I knew I had moved to Philadelphia for a reason and it wasn’t love. My name is Jazmine Slaughter here to give you, A Hint Of Jazz.

Who dances to failure?

I had attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for a year and got kicked out. Then went to a community college for a year and a half and met my ex. I went back to IUP for a semester, then left to live with my ex and attend another community college where I failed miserably (again).

I lost my sense of purpose, blinded by toxic love and insecurities; although I knew there was more for me. I’m a communications media major, when I was participating in my post-secondary education, I was also on the college tv station as a news anchor. As well as had my own radio show. It was really cool, and I knew that’s something I could continue to do no matter where I moved. So I told my friend I needed a name and he said, ‘A Hint of Jazz’.

When Opportunity Calls, Answer with a Yes

There was no hesitation from me that was it. The next day I got to work on making my logo, getting business cards, and building a website. If you want to talk about spontaneity, I was the definition. I got inspired and executed what I felt. So here I was with a website, a new Instagram account, new email, and business cads but no content. This was July 2017, I didn’t release my first podcast with other best friend and business partner until the end of September 2017.

I was excited to share my perspective with the world, but I was itching to produce more than just one podcast segment. I was calling ‘A Hint of Jazz’ a multimedia entertainment and production company and I had one thing.

During my time in Philadelphia I was a freelance bartender and met another bartender who had a radio show, I didn’t work with her long, but I met a fashion designer, Malcolm Savage owner of ‘Savage Series 8’ clothing brand.

He was my first solid interview. He had invited me to be the media sponsor for his ‘Fierce Xperience 2’ show and I had no idea what that meant. I showed up to the casting call and waited patiently trying to figure out what exactly I was supposed to do. He told me to bring him something by that Wednesday, it was only Monday!


Use What You’ve Got to Jazz up Your Life

Malcolm Savage inspired my most popular segment, ‘Spotlight of the Week’. I continued to reach out to different people to interview and it was difficult, who was I really in this world? But patience and progress put me in the position to travel, learn, network and grow.

A Hint of Jazz became an actual thing, when it came time for the fashion show Malcolm told me to go do interviews backstage. So I took my water damaged, dying iPhone 5s and recorded short clips of all the designers talking about how they felt about the show. It felt like I was on ‘E! News’. I had so much fun, and I loved the atmosphere. Thereafter, I spent 15 hours editing that horrid low-quality video, but I published it knowing that it would showcase my progress in the future.

I still didn’t know what to call myself, that is until I interviewed DJ Bugsy, a Philadelphia radio host, podcaster, and hip-hop connoisseur. I was nervous for his interview because I knew I had to be on my p’s & q’s, but everything went smoothly. During the promotion for his episode he called me an up & coming media personality. That’s when it clocked, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Most people were calling me a blogger and that wasn’t me. I was a media personality. I could finally introduce myself and not hesitate when I’m trying to figure out who I am and what I do.

Never Give Up, No Matter What

I became a registered media company November 2017 with Common Ground Management. A few months later interviewed them. I’m a strong believer in earning things and I earned everything I have. God has allowed me to learn and grow and has shown me that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

When my relationship with my ex got abusive I still made it to my interviews because building my business was the most important thing. Also when I was homeless sleeping on different peoples couches; I still made it to my interviews. Because building my business was the most important thing. Even when I was surrounded by 100% negativity and couldn’t find work, I found a way to record my interviews. Why? Because building my business was the most important thing.

I feel it in my gut, like its sitting there, I’m so sure of myself and confident in what I am doing. I am A Hint of Jazz, media personality, content creator, and entrepreneur. I am forever grateful to everyone who has supported me thus far and am excited to share this journey with everyone.

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Take A Hint of Jazz by Jazmine Slaughter

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