September 19, 2020

Succeeding Young Female Tech Entrepreneur

SOUTH AFRICA – Nureshka Viranna is the director and co-founder of Shopli, a specialist eCommerce company. Shopli designs and develops online stores and catalogs to give people an online presence that allows them to sell online. She manages everything from accounts to admin, and sales. Nureshka is one of a few women who are being celebrated by Forbes Africa, as 30 under 30 change-makers of 2019, in technology.

Nureshka, being a Tech Entrepreneur

Viranna trains her clients on how to use the platforms they design, develop and advises them on the best forms of marketing. She has come really far for someone who started with no previous experience in technology or business.

In January 2016, she started directing and running Shopli Pty Ltd. This was newfound territory and she rose to the occasion. She received mentorship and training from her business partner. And underwent sales training from her experienced colleague who was integral in her learning how to sell. Shopli continues to support its large client base as well as working with new companies.

They are continuously innovating various industries, the most recent being a project that will be providing an all-in-one solution for a supermarket. From the online purchase to payments and logistics. Through research and development, they are working with the pointing of sales systems. Both hardware and software, to find the ultimate solution to synchronize their online and offline inventory.

These projects have not been explored in South Africa.  It’s the innovation and work that sets them apart from other companies in their industry. With the scope in

eCommerce, Shopli was recognized by Standard Bank and Nureshka was invited to pitch at their Technology Bootcamp in 2017. She was nominated for the Fairlady Santam Rising Star Award 2017. She was also nominated as an Inspiring Fifty nominee in 2017 and 2018 for most inspiring South African women involved in the technology and innovation field. In August 2018, Nureshka was exclusively invited to Facebook Africa. She appeared in several publications including Destiny Connect, Lionesses of Africa and Leading Ladies Africa.

Nureshka is a proudly South African female Technology Entrepreneur. something that is rarely seen in the country or the world.

5 Business Lessons from Nureshka 

1. Mindset Shift

Believing in yourself is important. Sometimes not everyone will and you need to be confident and strong enough to believe you are good enough. Many people look for outside affirmations, which is great, but it means more when you know your own worth.

2. Not Giving Up

Being persistent and persevering is important in business and has led to my success. Its all about picking yourself up, believing in your product and working smart.

3. A Mentor

Who better to give you advice than someone that is successful. They had their challenges and have vast experience. I believe you can learn more in an hour with a mentor than a year in university.

4. Outsourcing Certain Aspect Of The Business

You cannot physically do everything it takes to run a business. In the beginning, it is important to bootstrap or share resources, however, let professionals do what they do best. An example, leave the accountants to do your financials – they are experts in this field and will have it done in no time. The time spent trying to figure out what to do is the time that can be spent on growing your business.

5. Reading and Online Learning

Apart from learning from mentors, there are a lot of books written by entrepreneurs who also record their challenges and how to overcome this. Some online courses and webinars will also help in giving you useful skills and advice to help grow your business.

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Succeeding Young Female Tech Entrepreneur

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