August 3, 2020

Audetta Skosana and Zinhle Radebe

South African Youth Need Life Coaching

JOHANNESBURG – Life coaching often only benefits adults, those in executive positions. They usually sign up for coaching sessions in order enhance their chances to reach certain levels in their professional lives. However, very little attention is focused on Life Coaching children outside of their normal school education. Parents often think parenting alone is enough. Meanwhile, kids also suffer personal battles and need help. 

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Child & Teen battles 

South Africa has had an increasing trend of reports around the bad behavior where teens are concerned. Kids and teens are abusing drugs, with high rates of teenage pregnancy reported thus contributing in the rise of new HIV infections. This is attributed to poverty, unemployment and  social challenges that youth face on a daily basis. As a result, there a rise in crime, which is  partially caused by peer pressure and lawlessness as the kids have become ungovernable.

Kids battle with peer pressure, self-esteem issues and other social issues. Life coaching helps them develop resilience, self-esteem and confidence. They learn to believe in themselves, develop their inner selves. It’s important to teach them young to live with intention and not just drift through life it with no direction. Acoustics life coaching focuses on helping children and teenagers create actionable strategies to achieve specific personal and professional goals.

Why life coaching is the solution

Given children and teens the right tools to tackle life’s challenges enables them to unleash their potential thus aiding them to dream big. They learn how to make better decisions that will make them proud in the future. It will help them to become the leaders and community members that our country needs.

Research shows that the kids who receive life coaching tend to do better in their school work. They become more open and are able to articulate themselves and their self-esteem is high.

Life Coaching
Audetta Skosana (Left) and Zinhle Radebe (Right) – Co-Founders of Wisdom Acoustics

Who we are

Wisdom Acoustics is a 100% black female owned and Co-founded by  Audetta Skosana and Zinhle Radebe.  We are based in Johannesburg and travel to other provinces to offer our services. Furthermore, the business has also partnered with the Soweto YMCA. We conduct free workshops for high potential teens using the centre as part of our CSI. Therefore, Wisdom Acoustics is uplifting the community and creating future leaders, hence we go where we are needed.

Life Coaching
Wisdom Acoustic Quote

Our services include;

  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions;
  • Group sessions,
  • Motivational workshops
  • Life skills camps. 

We will be hosting a Vision Board workshop for Grade 10-12 learners at the Soweto YMCA on 16 June 2018. This will be a full day workshop to give the learners clarity about their dreams.  You are welcome to join us as we create a youth with a vision.  Email 

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South African Youth Need Life Coaching

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