October 28, 2020

Shift from Positive Intentions to Measurable Success

JOHANNESBURG, SA – Hi, I’m Shelley Mentor, Business Accelerator Coach & Speaker.  I was recently interviewed by Julie Allie on ITV, Channel 437, DSTV.  Have you hit 50% of the goals you set for 2019 yet?  As a woman you don’t need permission from anyone to have and achieve your goals.  The only person who can limit you is yourself, and you can also have it all if you so choose.  Be it a Woman, Entrepreneur & Business Woman, Wife, Mother, Sister and friend. Wearing different hats is a blessing and not a burden. Michelle Obama once said, “Put yourself higher on your to do list”. I’m here to show you how you can shift from positive intentions to measurable success; and finally hit all your goals.

Understand Why You’re Failing

Rise up Woman, it is up to you to say, “I am able to and I am equal to”.

There is no rule that says you can’t, only the one you have placed in your own mind.  It is time to find that place inside you where everything is possible. So on that note, let’s start at the beginning.

In the beginning of this year you probably had a set of goals you wanted to achieve. We are almost 30 days away from the half-way year mark. Not to spark any anxiety, but, how many of your goals have been accomplished? Ideally, your list of goals would be 50% achieved or at the very least; 50% positively grown towards achieving them.  Or, have you folded the list and filed it far out of reach because it serves as a reflection of non-performance and makes you feel like a failure?

If this is you, I’m here to tell you are not alone. Science says that only 8% percent of people actually achieve their goals. Which is a crying shame, it means that 92% of people are feeling like failures. Imagine a heart surgeon who only had an 8% success rate…If you are planning for success and failing, do you understand why and what needs to be adjusted in your life?

The main contributing factor for people not achieving results in life and business is not because they don’t have goals, neither is it because they don’t have a plan in place. Although there is a large percentage of people who have not developed a thorough strategic plan. It’s because they don’t take consistent Quick Action to implement their vision. This is the most crucial step in the process. 

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3 Main Pitfalls to Avoid in order to Succeed

It’s not all doom and gloom, you still have about 222 days to establish and implement new foundations for success. The quicker you hit your current goals and reap the benefit of the rewards they offer, the sooner you can establish a new set of goals to strive towards. Every successful person will tell you, the only list they keep adding to once something is scratched off is your goals list; because the faster you achieve them, the sooner you can accelerate yourself and your business.  Here’s where you start;

1) Procrastination

Often associated with not getting something done. Not because we don’t want to complete it, but a possible fear of failure in comparison to previous experiences; or others we look up to . Develop the subtle art of winning by completing the below exercise;

  • Make a list of everything you are procrastinating to get done
  • Ask yourself; What is the real reason I am putting these off?
  • Identify if these are things you’re afraid of doing. If so, think about what fear you will overcome if you got them done
  • Identify why you’re avoiding getting these goals done
  • Ask yourself; What do I stand to gain by getting them done?
  • And; What do I stand to lose by keeping this on my to do list?
  • Is there a financial decision or impact to doing or not doing this task and if so what bearing does that have on your life?
  • Ask yourself; What would be different in my life if I completed these tasks or made decisions?

“Design it – Develop It – Get it done”

2) Letting Go

What do I need to let go of from my past to free my present and future? Sometimes we hold onto things for comfort. Or because we don’t know what life is like not carrying around old baggage. Other times, there is an element of safety because we don’t know what to replace it with. One thing is for sure, the heavier the load you carry, the more difficult it becomes to move forward lightly.  Here’s another to-do list;

  • Make a list of all the “Stuff” you are holding onto that’s making your journey heavy and creating a limiting belief within yourself
  • Ask yourself; What activities am I taking part in to please others that are not contributing to my greater goals and objectives?
  • And, Are there relationships and people in my life that I have outgrown and need to let go of but don’t know how to?
  • Also, What material objects do I surround myself with from my past that do not accurately match, reflect or resemble who I am today?
  • Ask yourself; What areas of my life are in need of a spring clean?
  • And; If one woman’s silver is another woman’s gold, who will you enrich by letting go of material objects you are holding onto?
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3) Energy

Does your inner energy supply get easily depleted? Have you ever investigated or compared if this happens when you are busy with something that is not aligned to your vision and goals?

There is no coincidence that when you do what you love, you will have endless energy to get it done. Some things just ignite your desire to achieve and others will stop the flame from burning. How you are filling your day can often have a direct relationship to your energy levels.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”. What excites you enough to keep you committed?

How to Shift from Positive Intentions to Measurable Success 

  • Prioritize Goals and Actions with a clear understanding of the difference between Important versus Urgent. Then create your laser focused effective plan for success by ensuring you identify and remove any and all obstacles that are holding you back. With every action required, create a diary entry with a firm final date; don’t leave any step off the process.
  • Sanction a detailed diary review of what you are spending your time on to understand the disconnect between what you are doing and what you are achieving. Most people schedule to action the comfortable and less monetizable tasks first. You need to establish which task will attract the highest return and apportion the time you devote to these in direct proportion to the return it will yield.
  • Become more productive through better time, action and priority management. Learn how to say, “No” to the things that are not aligned to your goals so you can make space to say, “Yes” to the things that are. Create the following lists for yourself, it is eye opening to see how many hidden time wasters you allow to creep into your day – Expose them!
  • Not to Do list
  • Stop Doing list
  • To be Delegated list
  • To be Outsourced list

It’s okay to be lost in translation but it’s not okay to stay there. Change does not come without acceptance and owning your truth. Everyone owes it to themselves to become the person they were always destined to be and be the person enjoying their created path of destiny.

Don’t be afraid to start over and follow your true purpose – give yourself the leading role in this movie called life because every golden globe winner needs a HERO.

In closing

If you are in the 8% of people who achieve the goals they set out to, keep pushing forward, stay focused. Take a moment to assess your outcomes, re-evaluate your plans and remember even if you are on the right track; you will get run over if you just sit there. Take time to inspect what you expect.

Oh and Ladies my parting advise until next month – If anyone is going to bite your head off, ask them to give you a warning so you can go get your hair done first. Looking great is the easiest way to shine when others are looking for flaws. The only time you should ever look down on yourself is to admire your shoes!

If you have any questions feel free to visit my website www.shelleymentor.com 

Or send me a message on my Facebook Fan Page – Shelley Mentor

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  1. Shelly has an aura of success and forward-thinking. I was at an event where she spoke for a brief moment and she was the highlight of the day – she has that quality that makes you want to listen to her, do business with her and learn from her. She’s a force and a movement, truly she is the most refreshing woman in business in 2019.

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Shift from Positive Intentions to Measurable Success

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