September 18, 2020

Shelley Mentor, Business Accelerator Coach & Speaker

JOHANNESBURG, SA – Shelley Mentor is widely known for her controversial approach to business.  Many call her the disruptive marketer. People love her her Signature Talks, “The Power of Branding” or “Powered by Passion – Fueled with Profit – Driven to Success” or “You are your brand”, get an enormous amount of value out of her thought provoking insights.

Meet Shelley Mentor

Shelley is a firm believer that you cannot rock the boat if you are busy rowing it and after 18 years of high achievement and performance, the time had come to be the captain of her own ship. She entered the Entrepreneurial world with her Intrapreneurial skill set and acquired a local marketing agency which she energetically set about driving the business forward and preparing it for growth.

Within a year the business was rebranded, firmly established and  had grown from a office in one city to operating on a national scale in six cities, during her active involvement  with the business, she proudly increased the companies revenue by 773%.    And, she’s set out to do the same for SME business owners and their teams; by utilizing her proprietary developed methodologies and being witness to the success that can be achieved by deploying them into any business, in any industry.

Shelley is the Founder and CEO of Mentor Unlimited, which offers business acceleration strategies that are structured into programmes and talks and online mentoring. These are specifically designed to focus Companies, Business Owners and their Teams to close the gap between the organization’s current state and it’s potential in a new age global economy.

Photo by LR Photography at Tourism & Hospitality Counsel Business Breakfast, South Africa

Exclusive Q & A 

We got a once in a lifetime opportunity to exclusively pick on Shelley’s business accelerator brain and when we asked her;

Q1: How do you it?

A: “I work with my clients on creating a winning formula and then prepare them for the process of business acceleration. Everything that we work on, I have used in my own companies; so not only have I personally realized the benefits, I also understand the journey that lies ahead when you implement these strategies. What my clients find really beneficial is that I am able to share first hand experience of the good, the bad and the ugly, so to speak.”

Q2: How does a business or entrepreneur qualify to be your client?

A: “The door is wide open on this as any person or business could qualify to be a client. However what’s most important is the end result of the process. Which is, my clients not only find tangible value in the process, but are able to use what we work on as a base to make proactive decisions in future.

The ones who get the best results with me are those who are committed to bridging the gap between where their business is currently and what they want to achieve.”

Q3: We know you travel globally and have interviewed Hollywood celebrities, who was your favorite interview so far and why?

A: “Wow, that’s an interesting one as each person I have interviewed brings their own element of individuality to the conversation. But if I had to choose one in particular that would most definitely be Brooke Shields.

She is so authentic and real, so open to share her wisdom and so honest about who she is; what she feels and why certain things are important to her. I saw a side to her which I’m not convinced the media always portrays, there is so much more to her than just a model and film star.”

Photo by Emma Hollings at JT Foxx Mega Success Event, Los Angeles

Q4:  Using your methodology, explain what are some of the key elements that you use to get a business or team from cruising to accelerated growth?

A: “I’m not there to give my clients motivation, short term motivation is exactly that – its short term and will have no long term sustainable positive impact on the business.

I prefer to work on the root cause and effect of all areas of the business and create strategies and formulas that will empower the teams to become their own measurement of success moving forward.

The starting point is always working with my clients to acknowledge and understand the implications of the current state of the business, which is often a harsh reality of facts.

Once goals are set, we build strategies and a plan, taking into consideration all factors including time and money. The added value is that my techniques multiple times on different situations and areas of the business.

Q5: You speak with such confidence.  How does the way a person carries themselves influence how others perceive them, especially when it comes to branding?

A: “I believe we all have three brands;

    1. personal brand
    2. business brand
    3. online brand

Everything you do, be it in a personal landscape or business environment needs to talk congruently to all three brands.

Your brand is not about what people say to your face. Its what they say about you when you are not in the room. We no longer live in a world where you sell to people, the market has shifted and evolved. Your customers want the power of making the decision who they buy from. It has never been more crucial to have a strong brand essence and message.

Q6:  How do you manage to run a business, be a mom, wife, friend and coach? 

A: Smiling and taking a deep breath –  In all honesty, there are times when I feel like I don’t and days when I make it look easier than it actually is. I’m not sure there is a magical one-size-fits-all solution on this topic that I find is so high on most  agenda’s as we bounce around life wearing multiple hats.

I find having a plan for the most important things in my life very helpful.

It helps me to focus and give each area of my life the attention it needs to align to my bigger goals and objectives.

Another thing I strongly believe in, is to never feel guilty about dedicating time to all areas that make me happy and drive my success.

Q7: What can we look forward to from you?

A: There are very exciting developments underway for online access to my programmes that meet the demand of my clients. Both on national and international platforms which will be launched in the near future. These align well with my plans to position Mentor Unlimited as a global offering.

My schedule is also filling up with opportunities to speak on International stages. I will share my insight and strategies for business positioning in a new age global economy.

In closing

Shelley Mentor is an absolute power-house, very humble, approachable and every conversation with her leads to a well of wisdom.   

We’ve been told her schedule is filling up very fast.  So if you are a business owner and want to take your business from making it to highly accelerated growth, contact Shelley.

Book Shelley for;  Keynote Speaker, One-on-one coaching & Group Workshops. Email or send a message to her Facebook Page (Shelley Mentor).

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Shelley Mentor, Business Accelerator Coach & Speaker

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