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Adaze Foltz

She Never Gave Up, Now She’s The Boss

PENNSYLVANIA, USA – Life is hard and often times unfair. It will knock you down and cause pain, but never let go of your dreams, believe in yourself and have faith. I’m Adaze Foltz, I never gave up, now am my own boss and this is my story.

I was born and raised in Nigeria,have a Bsc degree in biochemistry. Unfortunately after graduation I found it difficult to find a job in my field, so I settled for what was available. I was doing odd jobs here and there just to get by and became very sad and frustrated with my situation.

I finally got a break and was offered a good job through a friend I knew who started a consulting business in Dubai, UAE. Finally, this was my big break, or so I thought.  The job ended up being very unfulfilling and I was not happy. Something was missing. I knew there was more that I could do and accomplish, I just didn’t know what or how.

Uncertainty and Change

I worked for my friend’s company for two years, before leaving to take a position as business development manager for an interior design company in Dubai.  The next couple of years were incredibly stressful and filled with emotional turmoil as I was commuting long hours to work and had my future fiancé walk out on me after I became pregnant.  The stress was too much and I lost my baby to miscarriage and soon after lost my job as well, when the interior design company folded. 

I had no choice but to return to Nigeria. My sister took me in and for the next year I was again unemployed. I finally found a low paying sales job at a tourism company and at least was working and bringing in a little money. But, once again the work was unfulfilling and I felt like I wasn’t being paid enough for the work I was doing. I knew there had to be a way for me to break out of the revolving door of dead end jobs and make money on my terms. I dreamed of being my own boss.

Just before I started at my sales job I met a nice man who just happened to live in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Little did I know that 8 months later he would become my husband (that is a story for another time).

Love and Survival

John came to visit me in Nigeria in May 2017, and I promised him I would visit him on St. Croix in August.  So I took leave from work, packed my bags and flew to the Virgin Islands. On my Birthday August 31st he proposed and I said Yes! I was so excited, but then seven days later hurricane Irma hit St.

Croix followed 14 days after that by Hurricane Maria which destroyed much of the Island. Shortly after, John found out he was going to lose his Job at the hospital due to hurricane damage.  We decided our best option was to relocate to the states, so he could find a new job. 

We decided to get married on St. Croix before moving stateside and on Nov.29th we became husband and wife!  Fast forward to Feb. 2nd 2018, the day we left the Virgin Islands and relocated to Pennsylvania will everything we owned in twelve cardboard boxes and 4 suitcases. Yes, we were starting over with practically nothing, but happy together. 

After the Hurricane life was difficult. There was no electricity for months and the days and nights were long and hot. I spent much of my time contemplating the future and what I would do for a living in the states? One night while lying awake sweating, I read something on Facebook about Amazon FBA and instantly had an “AHAH” moment.  I began to research selling on Amazon and thought this might be the way to be my own boss and make lots of money. Unfortunately, at the time we were still on St. Croix and it was too expensive to ship to the island and difficult to make it work.

Never Give Up

Next, came Shopify and I thought drop shipping would be easier and still provide a great income.  Once again did my research and opened up a shopify store selling kitchenware, then a second selling jewelry. I put in a lot of time and effort and was proud of my online businesses. I was ready to rake in the cash!

But the cash never came, I researched more on advertising and SEO techniques that guaranteed to get people into your store, but nothing!  I was frustrated, but I knew that digital marketing was the way I could reach my dream of being by own boss and make a good living. I wasn’t giving up!

One morning my husband handed me his phone and tells me to watch a Video.  I watched a short video by a man who I suspected was Nigerian. He was so sincere and honest and his story resonated with me. I subscribed to his webpage and shortly after received a very nice email, followed by a phone call. He was indeed from my home country of Nigeria, now living in the U.K. 

The video that changed my life

He shared with me the success he was experiencing through a digital marketing community with a powerful platform to not only launch your business,but earn while you learn. I was very intrigued, but skeptical.  I thought this was probably just another Digital marketing GURU offering a get rich quick scheme. 

But quickly I realized that this was different than any of the other programs I had researched previously. The content and quality of the training material was impressive and support they offered was amazing. But what really set the digital platform apart from the others was their commitment to making a positive contribution to the lives of others and helping you do the same. They were upfront about the fact this was not a get rich quick scheme but a powerful tool to build a successful digital business that will bring value to the lives of others.

I am happy to say that I am now my own boss and the future is bright. This community was the foundation I was looking for. The Ideas, the people, the Education, all of it was all focused on helping me succeed. I know that it can do the same for you. Please allow me to show you how you too can make your dream come to reality. Click on the link below to find out more about me and my amazing community.

  To know more, visit:,  Facebook: @johnandAdaze , Blog:

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She Never Gave Up, Now She's The Boss

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