January 18, 2021

Serena Carli, How To Start Afresh after 50

BALI –  How to start a new life after 50? Serena Carli, a multi business owner, speaker and world traveler. She is the epitome of the sayings; “it’s never too late to start something new” & “never let fear get in the way of your goals.” We first heard about Serena when she spoke at the Tycoons of Wealth event in Johannesburg, South Africa. And met her again in Los Angeles, USA where she spoke at Mega Success, a JT Foxx event.

Exclusive Interview with Serena Carli

Ms. Carli not only speaks on global stages but also does business with and hangs around some of the world’s most successful people.  Such as JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth and business coach; Francie Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Bethenny Frankel, Hugh Hilton, Gene Simmons…the A-list is endless.

We had the honor of having an exclusive interview with Serena and got an insight on never before told stories.  Here is what Serena had to say.

Q: Who is Serena?

I’m the type of person who’s seen traveling extensively but I actually fear flying.  So when we are in the air and hit a turbulence, I feel huge amounts of anxiety. But I do it anyway, that’s the kind of outlook I have on life.

I spent 50 years of my life working very hard for other people. One day I had an opportunity to start something small and it turned into something big.  Today, it’s 10 years later. 

Although, it wasn’t a straight forward journey. Most of the success I have now started 3 years ago after I met JT Foxx and he became my business coach.

I am energized, outspoken “if you step on my toe you know about it” type of person and love crazy fun things.  But I am also an introvert sometimes. I love helping people.

Q: Did you always know you’d be in business at 50?

Not at all, I got into business after I was pushed out of a job.  But it wasn’t that big of deal for me because I can do a lot of things, so I didn’t worry.  It’s part of my personality, as an Aries I like trying out something new.  There was a time in my life that I even tried out wrestling, it looked cool and I thought, well I want to try that. 

I never planned to have my own business, let alone several.  Of course I’d spent many years running other people’s businesses successfully but never thought of doing it for myself.  When the opportunity came, I jumped into it and used what I knew, with the right attitude and integrity.

Q: Is Hard Work the reason for your success?

My father instilled a strong work ethic in me; so whatever I do is with drive and determination.   And also, I think growing up with three brothers, I was a tom boyish and active.  I even drove trucks for some years.  Anyone can do well when they do the right things for the right reasons.

Q: With 50 Years of experience, why is education still important?

You’ve always got to improve yourself.  I’ve done a lot of self-development and learning when I started in business.  Like I mentioned earlier, JT Foxx is my wealth & business coach.   Even though he is a lot younger than me, I learn from him because his story was my story.  I related to him coming from humble beginnings, being an outcast and having to constantly prove himself.  Not only that, JT has 49 businesses or more, and he inspired me to want to achieve great things too, and you got to be constantly learning to grow.

Q: Why was proving yourself so important?

I think, when you grow up not feeling appreciated you go looking for it in other places.  For me that was through work.  Doing well in whatever job I did gave me a sense of self-worth.  I used to think that maybe I was lacking in confidence but it didn’t add up, because I am outgoing. 

I strongly believe in genuinely helping people and that comes from doing things from a good place. Part of my self development was doing an NLP course, not only to understand my own mind but also; as a way of learning more ways I can improve other people’s lives.

Serena Carli & Dr. Phil
Photo by: BrandIt Solutions

Q: You seem to love people quite a bit, why do you care so much?

I’m an empath, that means I can discern people’s feelings and mental state.  Most people think I am extrovert. Yes, I enjoy socializing but when there are a lot of people around I withdraw because there’s just too much going on.  I feel everything and it can get overwhelming but adding value to others is part of my purpose. I have a mission, and that is to educate on what I spend hours learning about, especially in health.

Q:  How did you find your WHY?

After I stepped into business at 50, I was reborn into a new world.  I’m more like a teenager in this new path and therefore my WHY is being developed as I walk on this journey.  Yes I have all these businesses but I still feel there is much more within me.  I believe it’s coming out also with the retreat and health projects that I’m into now. I must also add, that starting so late, I feel like with time being shorter, I have to move faster.

Q: Is Having Goals Still Important to you?

Absolutely! One of my biggest goals now is teaching people what good customer service is.  It doesn’t matter where in the world, customer service is terrible.  A lot of people are out for themselves and don’t care about their customers and clients.  They expect you to just give them your money, take what you’re getting and beat it. Don’t complain either.

This is what hurts businesses. An employer hires people to represent them and their business,  and they drive the business to the ground by treating customers like crap.  Expect for Dubai, I found them to be really good.  Also maybe USA  because they know they’re getting a tip.  Unlike in Australia where the culture is more like; “Well, up yours mate, if you don’t give me a good service, you’re not getting a tip.”

I believe it will save a lot of businesses if the employee understood that if you treat the customer right, it also benefits you that the business grows.

Q: What do you think is the basic cause of bad customer service?

Manners! I think people have forgotten to be polite and helpful.  Ethics is also very big, just doing the right thing.  It’s not about having huge amounts of experience or skills in what you’re doing.  It’s about caring enough to be polite.  If you shower people with love they won’t respond negatively, some might but majority wouldn’t.

Serana Carli, always bringing people joy

Q: Can you tell us more about your retreats & health projects?

I currently have three retreats and doing research on alternative medicine for cancer.  When someone says, “I’ve got cancer”  I don’t get all shocked and sad thinking that person’s life is over.  There have been many people who were told they’d die and were able to heal themselves, using alternative medicine.

The other one of our retreats is the Ultimate Business Detox. It’s for people who want to heal themselves and their business.  It’s for healing yourself, or understanding your health better, and business detox for people who are overworked, stressed and want to expand but in the right emotional environment.

I’ve also got one where health practitioners from different aspects of cleansing will come together and we will do a global retreat.  This one will be for total Gut cleansing and getting to the dynamics of lymph, liver, gallbladder, kidney and colon.

Q: What has been your greatest transformation so far?

Definitely my journey between 50 to 60 years old, becoming a business owner and learning how to do it.  There’s been lots of stress, having to unlearn and learn new things, being used by people and ripped off big time, etc. But, I never give up and I don’t take no for an answer unless I see that it’s really a no. I also understand, it’s a big learning for me as well.

I also realized that the people who don’t get to achieve their goals are the ones who sit there and think about doing it.  They actually don’t work towards it. 

And those who have started give up too soon when the going gets tough.  I believe that you have to persist if you want something.  You can either sink in your mess and cry “woe is me” or work hard to get out of it.

If you work hard, eventually it pays off.  I cannot tell you when or where, but somehow as you push,  you get to win.

Q: Any final words for our readers?

I want to encourage people to really show others that each person’s journey is a humble learning experience.  Share openly what it takes to be successful, and also you downs and pitfalls so others can relate also, as many go through the same journey but may not rise out of it like you.  If you’re going to say something to an audience, be it on stage, social media, radio or wherever; let people see that they can do it too. I understand we are building brands and stuff but it would change so much of the world if you are gut wrenching honest and sincere.

To get in touch with Serena Carli, visit www.meetserena.com


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    Thanks Charmaine, I had fun doing this with you.

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Serena Carli, How To Start Afresh after 50

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