August 11, 2020

Self-Love, You Lose if You Don’t…

Blogger Thembekile Ntsele shares her journey to discovering Self-love and is now helping others to achieve personal freedom. Read more

VAAL, SA – Hi there, my name is Thembekile Ntsele, today I want to share with you something that changed my life. We read about loving yourself everywhere in the internet and books, so it’s important that we actually put  self-love into action.  Even though it’s not that simple.

I remember how I used to look down on myself and had low self-esteem.  Trust me, I found it hard to even stand in front of my classmates, just to make a speech. The only thing that made sense to me in those days was going home so that I can be away from people. Because I didn’t see any good in me, I thought it’s what people think of me as well.

Self-love is a Lifestyle

I never used to appreciate my ideas, let alone share them with anyone.  My peers teased me for how walk and I didn’t appreciate my ability to walk. I looked different to everyone else and didn’t fit in because my hair was ginger and fluffy, not black and thick like “normal” African hair. 

Time went on and I met people who didn’t appreciate themselves either. Even though they looked their best, yet are unknowingly empty, they see nothing amazing  about themselves.

I agree that a person can’t have it all.  However, if there’s one thing that was missing in most people is self-love and self-acceptance. I thought I needed to relocate to another country to gain that, crazy I know.

When I started realizing that I am actually lovable, sweet and beautiful; I told myself that there’s only one Thembekile and there’ll never another one. The world needs me to be confident.

No, let me put it this way; the world is hungry to see the real me and in order to do that, I first need to love myself and be confident. Life became easier because I saw myself as a precious being. I didn’t say my life is perfect, just to be clear.  That’s not what self-love is about.

In closing

When you start tackling every area of your insecurities, you begin to gain confidence and self-love. Now that I understand this, I love myself. It began with me. I can freely say and believe that I am intelligent, beautiful, blessed and talented. I am Thembekile Ntsele and I love myself. Try it, put yourself first and love yourself!  It feels  really good.

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Self-Love, You Lose if You Don’t…

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