August 3, 2020

Rape is Not A Secret by Gloria Mokwena

JOHANNESBURG, SA – Just because she’s posing half naked that doesn’t give you the right to RAPE her,call her slut or other names you can think of.  Everyone has the right to wear whatever they feel comfortable in it. I feel I should share my story.  My name is Gloria Mokwena. 

As strong as I am, I’m a victim of rape

I was raped by two guys who were my boyfriend’s friends. This taught me never to trust anybody in my life. I hated myself so bad and suffered from depression. At the time I didn’t know it was depression. I couldn’t cope in school, so much that I didn’t even write my preliminary and final high school exams. That same year my brother was killed. It was all too much, DEPRESSION is real ladies and gentlemen 😭😭😭.

I cried till I couldn’t cry no more. Meanwhile, people couldn’t even look me in the eye. My friends and family didn’t know what to say to me. The whole community and school knew about this. Some made fun of me and said I asked for it 😭💔.

When they raped me, I screamed for help till my voice died. The third guy looked at me with nothing to do, he had no power to fight his two friends. He kept saying sorry I can’t help you with teary eyes😭😭😭.

I couldn’t walk after that. Every part of my body was painful, I hated myself and every guy I came across. It was hard to live with myself, I was disgusted with myself in every way possible. I always had suicidal thoughts and tears were forever flowing on my cheeks. Also, I was a virgin when it happened at age of 18, date 4 February 2012 😭.

RAPE is worse than murder

You live with this scar in your heart forever.

I lost weight so bad that people started saying I was HIV positive. Even after I had gone to the clinic, got tested and posted my results on Facebook. Nobody said anything 😭😢😭. Is HIV all you think of after person being raped? It didn’t occur to people that it was stress or depression 😭 Black society 😢 is so uninformed.

To my fellow women, it will all pass. This year I mark the 5th year as a victim of rape. Never had the guts to talk about this because we now make fun of everything on social media. It’s really hard people that it haunts you even when you are making love to a loved one 😭💔.

As crazy, kind, loving and caring as I am, I’ve seen the worst. But I made the best out of it. I’m one strong women whom today can pose naked in front of the world because my rapists took nothing away from me ✊💎✊.

#RapeHaseSephiri (#RapeIsNotASecret) Movement

#RapeHaseSephiri is a campaign started by me and a friend as we are both victims of rape. 

The purpose of the movement is to “Donate A Hug And Make Them Smile”.  We help ladies to feel free talking about rape and do not make it a secret. It’s something you are going to live with forever so why make it a secret?

The movement is about getting rape victims to talk so they can heal and find closure. Bottling things inside will do nothing but permanent damage in a person. People shouldn’t be afraid of talking about rape. We want to make rape seem normal to talk about and not think about the judgements of the people as one don’t choose to be raped.

We are giving them their confidence and self love back. It’s enough, we have protected the perpetrators long enough, its time we expose them. So that we prevent our sisters from marrying such people.

People often ask questions like what was she wearing while she was raped?

It doesn’t matter what was a person wearing while being raped, what about babies with 3months or boys raped? Nobody deserves to go through such tragic situation.

Our Vision

We were on Daily Thetha TV Show on SABC 1, featured as audience. Fortunately enough we got a chance to tell people about the movement.

We could really do with the help of professional people to assist us on how to deal with other people on the same situation.

Our vision is to have a place of our own, where every victim can come and feel free to talk. To share how they feel about themselves and heal. To the victims out there, whether male or female remember that

#RapeHaseSephiri #RapeIsNotASecret

Talking heals everything and eventually all will be well. You are one strong human being.

And God loves you, lets stop saying why me? If not you then who do you wish it upon?

You Are Not A Victim But A Survivor.  We are survivors.

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Rape is Not A Secret by Gloria Mokwena

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