September 18, 2020

Queen of Development for Abola Region in Ghana, Graciela Blackstone

BALTIMORE MARYLAND – Queen Mother was born in Baltimore Maryland, with 9 brothers and sisters. “I learned how to read blueprints and do post construction at the age of 9 from my Father. Master Sargent James Blackstone Sr. and his brother Godfrey Blackstone of Annapolis taught me everything I know.” _ Graciela Blastone, Queen of Development in Abola Region, Ghana. In her own words, here’s how Queen Mother made it to her throne. 

My Journey to Queen of Development for Abola Region in Ghana

Graduate of Western High School and Martin Spaulding High School. Associates from Trinity University and Business Certification from Morgan State University.

I won the contract for maintenance of the Camden Yards Major League Baseball in Baltimore Md for 6 yrs. 75 employees at 24 yrs old. 30k a week payroll.

Also owned Cafe Distinction Restaurant, where I was a cook and Manager. Then owned Blackstone Home Beautification Service as a licensed landscaper. I worked in the field as Manager, hands on.

I then owned Blackstone Staffing where I provided workers for catering parties. Finally Blackstone and Associates LLC where I help create places for Humanitarianism causes.

Now,  I am Queen of Development for Abola Region in Ghana at 59 years old. Ta daa!

The Queen of Development Abola Region, Ghana

It wasn’t easy, success takes courage

I have been busting my butt to be a land developer to save my families farm that is 300 yrs old. I am Alex Haley’s niece from the movie ROOTS. Traveled to promote my Amphitheater to investors. Ended up being in South Africa and met Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter. Word spread of me having Royal blood. Kunta Kinte came from the King of Gambia. I was asked to help a small King in Accra Africa with my ideas. This lead me to being enstooled as Queen of Development for Ghana for Abola Region in Ghana.

It has only been one year at all of this and millions of people benefit. The first visit of the Royal Family Ambassadorial Delegation to Annapolis was in May. 

My traditional enstoolment was the same as Nefertiti. Powerful insight for HBCU.

Queen of Development in Abola Region, Ghana

Motherhood and Business

It has taken me 11 years as a single parent, military vet, fire fighter and business owner to get here today.

I am a grand mother and great grand mother. Never married, Never had child support. Straight bootstrap. Hard work. Pictures always make things look grand. My granddaughter is a lot like me. A tough cookie. Being Mom and Dad is hard.

Purpose has no ending

“Teach a man, He teaches a man, Teach a woman, She teaches a generation”

In Closing

You are GREAT and can do GREATER things. Put your head down and do the work, get your hands dirty and always be willing to help others. That is how we will change the world, together.

1 thought on “Queen of Development for Abola Region in Ghana, Graciela Blackstone

  1. Warmest congratulations Queen Graciela. Your years of hard work, promotion and determination has brought you to this honored position and responsibility. It has been a pleasure to know you and to assist in a small way, your Nation Building Dream. Now, with your expanded platform, your touch will be felt with more power; to bring your vision to reality, you truly are The Queen of Development; God Bless your efforts, Frank

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Queen of Development for Abola Region in Ghana, Graciela Blackstone

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