October 23, 2020

Purpose-Driven Women by Dr. Jena L. Bell

JOHANNESBURG – Meet the inspirational purpose-driven woman, Dr. Jena L. Bell, who is on a mission to empower women globally to take control of their economic status and financial security. Jena is a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin. She aims to help women discover and lead a purposeful life. She is a business strategist, certified life coach, international speaker, and entrepreneur. Additionally, she is the revolutionary founder of Purpose on the Rise, Africa – a South African purpose-driven organization that aims to empower women.

Dr. Jena, at home in South Africa

Jena is the host of an upcoming women’s economic empowerment conference happening on the 10th of August; Purpose on the Rise in Johannesburg. 

Jena is also an award-winning author of Mirror Affirmations. Her entrepreneurial accolades include J Coach International, LLC (life and business coaching practice), J Solutions Group (Real Estate Investment Company), and J Kids Foundation (a non-profit organization). All of which she is CEO and Founder.  

Jena empowers women through activation and purpose-led entrepreneurship. Her areas of expertise include disruptive business strategy and implementation, transformation, team-building, leadership development, audit/compliance, and business operations.

We interviewed the visionary coach to know more about her purpose-driven strategy, how women have benefited from her globally, and what to expect from the upcoming Purpose on the Rise. 

Exclusive Q&A with Dr. Jena L. Bell

Q: Let’s start with what it means to be purpose-driven according to you, Jena?

A: A person who leads a purpose-driven life is a person who embraces their true calling by recognizing their power to make positive change. This change impacts their lives and the lives of others around them. I live to inspire, motivate, and ignite purpose in the lives of other women. 

Q: What is the approach that you take to instill a purpose-driven mindset into your clients’ minds?

A:  I offer the Pathways Program Membership. It’s a membership-based coaching program for women to gain access to online group coaching, video training, intensive online workshops, and expert guest training, all from the comfort of their homes. It gives these women a sense of community. I follow three specific tracks in my program:

1) Mind Mastery

2) Holistic Health and Wellness

3) Entrepreneurship/Wealth Building

We first focus on mastering the mind to break down and breakthrough mental barriers that block a person’s abundance. Then, we have holistic health to build a strong foundation of physical and emotional health for the women to thrive at their peak. And finally, to achieve economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and careers that align with their purpose, so that they experience true fulfillment.

Q: What is the purpose or end goal of The Pathways program?

A: We work with these women to discover their paths, create a blueprint for success, and honor their purpose.  As a woman, you can achieve all that you choose. You have a purpose, a calling over your life, and our goal is to help you rise and operate in your full potential. We also help them discover businesses, career choices, and possibilities that create the greatest opportunities for them.

These business opportunities will ultimately help them become financially independent. And a financially secure woman is a financially empowered woman. How so? Because now, she is at the place where she can make choices over her life, family, and investment of resources.

Q: Tell us more about The Purpose of the Rise conference

A: Purpose on the Rise is on a global mission to change the economic paradigm for women. The current paradigm is unacceptable and doesn’t provide the necessary financial security to sustain the family, children, and to reduce poverty. As a result, communities, and families suffer. We use the conference and our programs to advocate sustainable business entrepreneurship with mentorship, sponsorship, investments, joint ventures, collaborative ventures, coaching, and training.

We can disrupt the cycle of unsustainability. At the conference, attendees learn powerful tips and strategies on how to #RiseUp with success habits to reach their destiny.

The objective of this conference is to ignite purpose, educate, strategize, and to activate actions that lead to change in the economic paradigm for women across the globe. The purpose on the Rise is a movement, not just a single event. A movement of the purpose-driven woman to rise and make a difference, make her divine mark.

Q: On top of being empowerment and strategic visionary, you are also an award-winning author. What is Mirror Affirmations about?

A: Mirror Affirmations is a book about unraveling the true reflection of yourself that leads to the discovery of a brand-new life-changing mindset. By changing your mindset, you learn how to let go of your past, transform your expectations, drive a purposeful path, and learn to embrace your authentic self.

Q: And what about you, Jena, what is your purpose in life?

A: I have a passion to help others succeed. As a visionary, my gift and purpose help others to see that which their circumstances block from their vision. I aim to unlock the unique personal and professional potential of women on a global level.

I help them align their physical, mental, and spiritual states so that they can discover new opportunities as successful entrepreneurs. Working with professional women and women entrepreneurs struggling after a setback and feeling undervalued and lost, I help them find the clarity they need to start afresh. 

By turning their pain into their power, which comes from healing emotionally, they can turnaround their situation, grow their business, increase their revenue, and position their career/life path. Through my system, The Mature Woman’s System to Having It All, they experience the satisfaction of living a truly fulfilling life. 

In closing

Jena has always been passionate and committed to elevating the purpose of others’ lives, and economically empowering women through entrepreneurship. She is a woman of long and strong experience, and if you are interested in knowing more about the pathway to unleashing your abundance, attend the Purpose on the Rise full-day conference on the 10th of August in Johannesburg.

You can follow Dr. Jena through all social media channels @jenalbell, @pathwaystoabundance, and her website www.jenalbell.com where you can join the Purpose-Driven Woman Movement and learn more about how you can work directly with Dr. Jena.

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Purpose-Driven Women by Dr. Jena L. Bell

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