October 23, 2020

Overcomer Inside Out by Sipho Mtakati

PRETORIA, SA – Hi I’m Sipho Mtakati, a speaker, mindset and results coach. I’m also an author and influencer. I help people to become over-comers inside out. People often dream of success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives. But a few attain it, because it’s not an easy road.

Why People Fail

Success is a tough journey, people get overwhelmed, depressed and aren’t able to keep fighting for their vision. How can they when they’ve never conceived success on the inside?  A person may start with good intentions and ambition but loses it all at the first sight of a challenge.

The ultimate investment for success has to first occur on the inside. We see so many failures, simply because success is the battle conquered internally before the external. Overcomer Inside Out – empowers people to attain external and tangible success by first laying the right foundation within.

Being An Overcomer

An overcomer someone who’s been through different challenges; they’ve had their fair share of pain, suffering, misery, trials and tribulations. What sets them apart from everyone else is that learned valuable lessons and turned the situation around. Not only to empower themselves but also others around them. Overcomers finish strong!

They face challenges boldness and enthusiasm, because they see great opportunities in them.  In order to a better version of yourself and reach greater milestones, it is without a doubt that you must overcome a set of failures.

How To Overcome

To overcome, first realize that you are precious, worthy, you matter and are unique. You are the greatest and the most amazing thing that has never happened in this world.

As a mindset and results coach, I assist people to realize their true power and deeper purpose they have.  It start with changing how you see and treat yourself internally. When I am speaking, I guide my audience to reach deep down into their inner selves, embrace their challenges and prepare for their desired successes in all the areas of their lives.

  • RISE ABOVE YOUR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES: keep your focus on the bigger picture. Identify what you want to achieve and take possession as if you already have it.
  • EMBRACE CHALLENGES AS OPPORTUNITIES: challenges are life’s way of empowering, strengthening and uncovering the best version ourselves. When we embrace them we accept to be better people that we may also help others with the lessons learned.
  • THINK BIG: Do not settle for less and be conformed to mediocrity. Realize you have something unique and great to bring in this world, which is you. Therefore you deserve great things and nothing less
  • STAY POSITIVE: Always know that everything is temporary, that includes adversities and challenges one goes through timeously. Avoid being carried away by emotions in the process. Take a conscious decision to stand firm and remain positive.
  • KEEP GOING: Never even think of giving up. On your journey keep affirming greatness up your life and upon the journey as though you have already overcame.

Why I chose  To Empower People

I personally come from a dark and disadvantaged background, filled with being orphaned from a very young age. I’ve been exposed to homelessness, poverty, abuse, misery and depression, to name the few. Where success is not even a dream to look forward to because there was never a reference to success in my life. After many years I began to intentionally seek my purpose because I refused to accept my reality at the time.

When I discovered that my purpose is to share my story. So that it may touch and transform others to realize their own purpose; and achieve success.

The next project I am already working on is Overcomer Inside Out, the book.

I was recently interviewed on radio, Tshwane 93.6 FM and busy finalizing a long term relationship with the station. I shared insights as to how do we reach out and better the inner person in order to better the quality of society we are currently.  To give back the community, I’ve partnered with a youth organizations called Yes4Youth.  where I will be contributing with my expertise in assisting the young people all over the country to realize that each and every one of us has got something great to give, and that something in none other that us. But it starts on the inside, we need to realize, embrace and share it with the world.

What People say about me

Godfrey LeGoda Motaung is with Sipho Mtakati at Tshwane FM 93.6.

November 18 at 2:11 PM · 

“I just Love her unshakable yet Authentic Drive in this life 👐👐@SiphoMtakati

Thank you for joining me in studio this morning you are very relevant Sisi”

Lufuno T Khorommbi Sipho Mtakati “Wow, such wisdom. I have taken notes. Thanks Sisi, very much appreciated. Now it all make sense. Wow”

Lufuno T Khorommbi We are eternally grateful for your selfless contribution. May God continue to expand your territory as you continue to change lives 

Francois Joubert Your growth is phenomenal Sipho. As I said, you embody the essence of doing everything possible to achieve your goals.

Taku Kai Fantastic. Bless you and your works. 

“Sipho, you are such an unbelievable energy” – Tumelo Trax Motsepe (Mountain Valley Spices and sauces”


Each and everyone of us has got something great to live for and give. That is our purpose. Let us realize, embrace and invest in ourselves internally that we may be ready for the successes we always wish to acquire externally. In that way, we will not only be successful but we will be lead a fulfilled life that will be sustainable for generations to come, living a rich legacy of overcomers in all areas of life.

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Overcomer Inside Out by Sipho Mtakati

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