September 19, 2020

Onneile Khwene, Turned my Skin Problem a Business

JOHANNESBURG, SA – Moritelo is brand and company of specially formulated skin care products that cure and eradicate skin problems. From Acne (teenage market), pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots, dry skin, etc. My name is Onneile Khwene and I started this business from home, in my kitchen out of frustration, stress and skin problems.

What’s in Moritelo Naturals Care for you?

Moritelo has tested and well proven skin care products for skin conditions/ concerns. The idea of Moritelo came about in 2016 as a result of my personal skin problem due to stress, anxiety and shock caused by loss of employment.

I tried several products that are in the market which did not help me. That’s how I found the solution, by doing it myself in the kitchen. 

Moritelo is a good product for many people out there with similar skin concerns. I have spent the entire year researching the effective extracts with universities and  industry experts to develop our products. The Moritelo products are also medicinal and pharmaceuticals, not just for cosmetic purposes. 

Our Market 

 55 % of consumers who buy skin products are actively looking for a skin care solution that has natural ingredients. Preferring those not chemically infused, making this potentially the biggest market for Moritelo. 

Current Model  

We currently sell our products through our sales representatives who also advocate for the brand. They are in different areas, as we are currently setting up our eCommerce website so customers can purchase our products online. We have facial treatment products and one body care product which is Shea butter from Ghana, west Africa. 

I’ve worked with industry experts in my business so I can make the right products for our clients. We are now  finalizing our certification to comply with SABS regulations in South Africa. Not only to have certification but also to set our own production capacity/ facilitation.  I am part of the Innovation hub incubation programme, have been previously funded financially and non-financially by Technology Innovation Agency (TIA ).  And, I am a Nominee for the African Women Innovation Entrepreneur Forum ( AWEIF ). 

Who is Onneile Khwene?

Onneile Khwene is originally from the North West province in a small town called Taung Village. I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship even when I was in corporate and as a student. There was a time when I sold shoes and hair on the side, to make extra money. I am a graduate from University of Johannesburg, in Supply Chain management. 

Inspiration for #WomensMonth  

Always research your industry as an entrepreneur and use what you have to create your clientele base. 

To find out more about us or to order your product and get smooth skin or to be our representative; visit our Facebook Page – Moritelo Naturals Care Now

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Onneile Khwene, Turned my Skin Problem a Business

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