September 19, 2020

Noxolo ~ Noxx Zondi, Beauty and Business

DURBAN – Noxolo Noxx Zondi is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, makeup artist, speaker and content creator.   As one of South Africa’s most inspiring influencers,  we first saw her work on Instagram @noxx_zondi. We spent some time with Noxx, to experience her transforming “face-beat” and take a closer look at her journey in beauty and business.

Born and raised in “ENqoleni “ Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal, only 28 years old, Noxx has had more jobs than most people twice her age.  It was not having enough money to put her through college that drove her to find a job.

“I use to work McDonald’s and every time I used to see the girls who worked in retail stores.  They always looked so good and I’d wonder how they did that.  I suffered from acne growing up and my skin was really bad.  So I had very low self-esteem.” Said Noxx

She continued to say, “my life changed when a friend of mine told me that a certain retail store was hiring casual staff and I should apply.  Honestly, I was reluctant about going in there because my skin was bad and not to mention I had zero experience.  But I got the job.  I guess they liked my attitude and work ethic.”

Photo by: Nkanyiso Nqhome | Makeup: Noxx Beauty Studio

Turning Beauty into Business

Ms. Zondi’s dedication not only led to her getting personal and wedding booking requests to do makeup but also propelled her to success.  In just under 3 years, she’s become one of the most celebrated and booked makeup artists.  Her success earned her the KZN Young Achiever Award.

Noxx is now sharing her success by teaching others how to apply makeup professionally and become influencers.

She is also a marketing genius, creating authentic content for major brands, products, and services.   

The Noxolo Zondi Foundation (NZF)

NZF was founded in 2018, inspired by the Single parents or Grandmothers/grandfathers who struggle to raise their children with the least that they have.  Therefore, NZF is here for them & prepared to lend a helping hand & tell them that, they are not alone. “We will give to the less fortunate families in the Rural areas & Townships. Our main focus is not only on orphaned or street kids but also those that have both parents and live in EXTREME poverty.

The Noxolo Zondi Foundation also provides Makeup lessons to the less fortunate (rural areas, street kids, townships, etc) – Food parcels, especially  during Easter & December holidays. Also school uniforms, shoes, clothes, stationery, etc. – Noxolos’s next goal is to raise transport funds to children who walk a long distance to school, especially in the rural areas.

Photo by: Nkanyiso Nqhome | Makeup: Noxx Beauty Studio

Beauty Q & A with Noxxx

1. Would you say being an entrepreneur is hard, and if so, why?

“Entrepreneurship is hard. It takes time & hard work to build a business.  It’s takes working on it carefully on a daily basis. I’m not even halfway to where I’m going but I’m really proud of what I’ve done so far.”

2. What 3 tips can you share someone who wants to start a business but is scared?

A, Write your plan 

B, Research about the business you want to be in 

C, Use whatever you have & start now. 

3. What are some basic makeup products that a woman can use to feel beautiful every day?

“Good skincare range, Lightweight foundation, powder, brows & lipgloss. Don’t forget sunscreen every day.”

4. How does a person become an influencer?

“It wasn’t my initial plan to be an influencer, it’s an opportunity that came into my driveway and I ran with it. As a result, I’m learning as I go and working with amazing brands is such a breeze. 

You must understand who you are first so that it’s easier to know which brands you can work with.”

5. What can we expect next from Noxx?

“I’ve opened my beauty studio (NoxxbeautyStudio) on Stamfordhill road in morningside.  There will be a launch event pretty soon. Follow my Instagram @noxx_zondi for more details. 

The Noxolo Zondi Foundation is about to change lives, together with my team, we are putting a special focus on rural areas around KwaZulu-Natal.

And I’m gonna be collaborating with more brands, there’s a lot I am looking forward to this year. God is good.” 


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Noxolo ~ Noxx Zondi, Beauty and Business

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