October 23, 2020

Dimakatso Magadena, Founder of Hair Products NatuCentric

My Natural Hair is not a Trend

JOHANNESBURG – I am Dimakatso (Stone) MaganedisaWearing my hair naturally is neither about making a statement nor a trend, it is who I am.  I’ve only used weaves twice in my life and on both occasions they didn’t last a week on my head. I felt like I was trying to be someone else. I started NatuCentric knowing that there are many other women who prefer wearing natural hair but struggle to maintain it.

Embrace Your Skin and Natural Hair

NatuCentric is a 100% black female owned company. We develop, package and distribute quality organic skin care and hair care products, specifically suitable for ethnic hair. 

When starting NatuCentric, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to care for ethnic hair.  I created a product that softens hair without it feeling and looking greasy. Most  importantly I wanted a product that would encourage people of color to wear their hair proudly. The products are not only for Naturalists but also women who prefer to wear weaves and wigs. The hair underneath also to be healthy.

Our product range seeks to encourage the black community to love, embrace and wear their hair naturally by making it easy to care for it. I have noticed that for years, most people of color resorted to alternative hairstyles not because of preference but due to the struggles faced daily in managing dry, breaking, coarse hair. 

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NatuCentric Products

What women of color say 

I have talked to a lot of women and have come to realize that having good healthy hair is not only about beauty.  The relationship between identity, self-esteem, hair and good skin is a very close one for most women. The emotional aspect of living with weak breaking hair and bad skin is both challenging and limiting.  

NatuCentric product range launched at a time when black women are taking a stand against colonialism standards. They are no longer tolerating being discriminated against and overlooked for jobs for wearing their hair naturally. For many years, natural hair has been considered untidy and unprofessional by western standards.

Black women are now unapologetically saying, “This is who we are and we are enough.” We no longer have to go through dangerous methods to straighten our hair such as hot combs, hot irons and harsh harmful chemicals in order to be considered beautiful.  Let alone professionally “acceptable”.

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Why NatuCentric is the best for you

Our products promise to rejuvenate, strengthen, soften, nourish and give life to dull hair.  We understand that hair and confidence are closely linked.  Our clients manage their ethic hair easily and have a choice as to how to wear it. Wearing alternative hairstyles should be a choice, it shouldn’t be because people are hiding something underneath the weave. 

We also have natural skin care products to help with many skin conditions such as eczema, acne, blemishes and dry skin.

NatuCentric products contain a variety of pure plant oils, luxurious natural butters, scented with natural oils. The ingredients are carefully selected to bring our valued clients the best of organic and natural skin and hair products. We are a company with a purpose, purpose to educate people, especially the youth about embracing hair that grows out of their scalp. We teach them to care for the environment and creating income opportunities by distributing through sales agents. 

NatuCentric products are safe to use on both adults and children. 

Dimakatso Magadena, Founder of Hair Products NatuCentric

Hair Care Tips

* Do not use chemicals on hair.

* Do not pull hair too tight.

* Wash and condition hair once a week.

* Massage scalp as often as possible to promote blood flow especially on the hairline.

* Stay natural, there is not a hairstyle you can’t do with natural hair. 

Upcoming Event:

Youth Expo organised by the Gauteng Government

Venue: Nasrec Expo Centre

Dates: 9 – 17 June 2018

NatuCentric will be exhibiting at the beauty Isle. This is an opportunity to speak to the youth about self love, entrepreneurship and promoting Africa and the importance of buying local brands.

What happy clients have to say;

I receive a lot of positive feedback from clients and this is from a South African actress and business woman Miranda Ntshangase. “Hey Dali, I hope you’re okay…just thought I’d tell you that I looooove that hair butter. Never felt this way about a product before.”

Feedback like this is encouragement to continue putting in the hard work and to continue supplying clients with the best of quality Products.

For enquiries and sales agent opportunities, please contact us by email on: info@natucentric.co.za or dimakatso@natucentric.co.za

NatuCentric Products

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My Natural Hair is not a Trend

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