September 19, 2020

Lilly Godart

Music By Design with Lilly Godart

OBERPULLENDORF, AUSTRIA –  Lillysh your life means be fair, positive & kind, ’cause light doesn’t fear my dear.  Hi, my artist name is Lilly Godart. Talking about always seemed to be a big weakness of mine. I think I do not see the necessity to sell something that isn’t even real. Lol  The self –  is an illusion deriving from the observation of the world, “my” world and everything I experienced so far.

Lilly Godart, Music Artist & Spiritual Entrepreneur

My philosophy has always been my sore and biggest source of strength in any situation of life. In my time as a musicology student I read more about Friedrich Nietzsche, Kant & other great literature objectifying the human mind or psychology; but most importantly logical and transformative thinking processing, rather than learning only about music.

Still music seems to be the strongest and fastest tool to alter such processes. And while there is a big variety of music and art forms out there I believe that mine is special. And this is why;

Not only do all my lyrics  have hidden philosophies, they’re based on very personal topics, are emotionally touching but not compelling or manipulating. This is a special mechanism that is new to modern music and I would rather say this is the first time in history ever.

Our state of mind remains very clear, sober and balanced while listening. Certain emotional patterns – that usually can make very weak – are completely turned off and the listener stays in a pleasant and calm atmosphere. As I did the testing – having the “Chapter One Album” in my car turned out to be a big relief in a city’s every day traffic.

Lilly Godart

About Chapter One; Modern Healing Music Album by Lilly Godart

I created this music from my personal experiences and from observing people around me.  It’s not necessary that we have to go through things to learn from them as human beings.   I’ve always been more of an observer, think in stillness and do everything with a purpose.

Because I’m an introvert, I enjoy my own company but as humans we are meant to live with people and enjoy life.   So I found an outlet through music to communicate my thoughts and teachings.

I consider myself more a vessel for this music, it’s not mine, it comes through me.  There is an energy that needs to be understood.

As human beings we are growing, and we need tools to get to where we need to be.  The music I write is by design, always with a purpose, the words I choose, topics and language is all very intentional.

The fundamental message of my music, the songs below and from my upcoming album is this; “You have everything you need it your hands”.

A simple message, yet so hard for people to grasp and believe.

Song Titles & Designed Benefits from the Chapter One Album

1. Transition: insight, change, difficulties in relationships (partner or in general), trust

2. Bird of Passage: vitality, willpower, centering, letting go of thought, doubt, focus, resistance, grounding

3. Dearest: disappointment, strengthening love, gratitude, kindness

4. Hyperborea: nostalgia, seeking for answers, confusion, loneliness, anxiety, self-love

5. Secret Gold: safety, wisdom, peace, balance, opening up the heart

6. Chapter One: joy, kindness, gentleness, relaxation & balance, contentment

7. Blindly: insight, resolution of mourning, courage, independence, fear of separation, victimhood, (fake) pride, blindness, dignity, clarity, unity

8. Break Through: power, joy, intuition, courage

9. Struggle: fight, anger (& hate feelings), acceptance, peace search,  exhaustion, equanimity, wisdom, harmonizing

10.  Sure about this Love: safety, regulating emotionality (heart ache), increasing sensitivity & optimism

Proven combinations:

8+9 (5x consecutive) finding your goals or calling

6+7 (2x consecutive) strengthening

2+9 (as much as possible) joy, laughter and happiness

In closing

Lilly Godart performs as well on big and small stages all over the world bringing people more and more together. Modern spirituality is the KEY WORD of Lillysh’ ART!

For more information visit: and follow @lillygodart on Instagram

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Music By Design with Lilly Godart

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