September 18, 2020

Mondeka Mabibini, A Mom and Innovator

EASTERN CAPE, SA – A few years ago on her birthday, 34 year old Ms Mondeka Mabibini organized a soup kitchen for the kids in her community. A small informal settlement in Samora called (Cossovo).  She was struck by the number of kids who came along, but fortunately ran short of cooking ingredients. As a result, Mondeka asked her family, colleagues and friends not to buy any gifts for her but cooking supplies.

A passion to make a difference

Mondeka knew that her dream to help her community was possible. The kids also enjoyed  Storytelling and reading sessions.

She started to gather those learners more often after school as some were unsupervised and loitering around. They started using the nearest Educare centre  when she got back from work. 

Ms Mabibini would go straight to those children to have reading sessions to instill a reading culture. Other activities included Drama, Poetry, Dance and music. 

The demand grew bigger and UPhawu Community Development (Living positive foot prints behind was born. Mondeka approached her employer Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes to sponsor Daily programmes. They are involved in this Life changing initiative, together.

Learner, No More Bare Feet

Soon after, started the 2nd leg programme of UPhawu Community Development named “No More Bare Feet”.  Over the past 3 years she has delivered more than 2’000 pairs of shoes for disadvantaged children in the Eastern Cape.

The poverty is dire and learners walk more than 5km to school, some with bare feet and some with broken shoes with holes. Therefore killing their self esteem and drop their ability on their studies. It is rewarding to know that you have made a difference in children lives but also heartbreaking to witness the situations of poverty.

67 Minutes of #100YearsOfNelsonMandela 

Nelson Mandela was a leader who valued children and education.  He always expressed how we should take care of them. Mondeka here is doing her part.  For your 67 minutes this month, consider contributing to these learners lives.

Here’s How;

  • “No More Bare Feet ’ by donating a black school shoes (New or preowned as long as they are still in wearable condition)
  • Help Mondeka to improve the reading with understanding programme by donation Dictionaries, Books and Stationery.
  • Donate unwanted musical Instrument
  • Or, Donate with pre fab shed or dwelling which could be used for reading club and all programmes
  • Lastly, Donate with cash which will be used to buy costume for dance, and fund camps and stipend for staff.

Contact Mondeka Mabibini on 073 7424 861. face book page UPhawuCommunity Development  

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Mondeka Mabibini, A Mom and Innovator

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