September 19, 2020

Kgomotso Mokoena, Just Kay’s Boss Lady

VEREENIGING, SA – Just Kay Detergents is a manufacturing company for household and industrial products based in Meyerton, Vereeniging. I, Kgomotso Mokoena am a co-founder, together Mpho Mukwevho. I was employed as a Process Engineer before resigning to pursue this business. 

Choosing the Chemical Industry

Mpho and I have always wanted to start a business that will shift boundaries for both ourselves and our communities. We realized that the chemical industry has a significant contribution to our country’s GDP.

We started working from our Garage at home. Soon after, Mpho also resigned and we focused entirely on the detergents business. We’ve had significant growth since then. By February this year we moved to a factory in Meyerton where we produce our products. We pride ourselves in quality detergents that are competitively priced. This has not been easy due to isolation of this industry and the sky high prices of the raw materials.

Just Kay in Action

Growing Just Kay Detergents Business

While working together is so joyfully as we get to spend most of our days together, it is sometimes a huge challenge. We both have different body clocks and work styles. Sometimes we get very irritable with each other. Issues of trust and respect are often put to the test.

However, we quickly learned that we had to manage conflicts in order to protect the business. We realized that we have common strengths.  We are also learning to complement each other.  We had to understand and support each other through our weaknesses and appreciate each other’s strengths. We still don’t agree on everything. Even with differing opinions, we systematically work through them to come to a resolution that is best for the company. It helped us identify each other’s roles.

Mpho is strategic and forward thinking while I’m more focused on operations and quality. He says I’m a slave driver and petty. That’s because I notice everything on our products.

I literally go through the products myself to ensure that the stickers are on straight enough.  Do random weighing and checking that the containers are sealed and clean. I guess I’m my own biggest critic. I always use myself as a customer and ask “would I buy this product if I came across it?”

If not, we have to take corrective action immediately.  I got the nickname “Boss Lady”….. it used to upset me but now I embrace it. As Melinda Gates said “A woman with a voice is by definition a Strong woman”.

Functioning Partnership

We tend to share tasks and find that we overlap into each other’s responsibility. For example, as much as I do Operations, he is more clued up with issues of licensing and certificates. 

As far as Sales, he’s good at acquisitions but I’m more active with naturing and customer engagement. Once we realized that we are not in competition, things started getting much better in the office.

Just Kay Detergents is currently available directly to the public in the Vaal and Johannesburg areas. We have a network of stocking distributors who purchase directly from our factory . We are also looking to expand our reach by penetrating Gauteng. Later, the rest of the country by by cultivating new teams of distributors. We believe that collaborating with people that are looking to earn extra income will make a positive contribution in the lives of ordinary people.

Our mission is to become one of the leading household brands in the homes of South Africans and Businesses, big and small.

We invite anyone looking to become a distributor to please join us and lets enjoy great success together.

They can send us an email at: In support of the effort to maintain communication at the highest level I have attached my direct email address:   

2 thoughts on “Kgomotso Mokoena, Just Kay’s Boss Lady

  1. Just Kay Detergents is the best, I have been using them for a year now. I use them for both my home and shop. Well done Boss Lady and Mpho

  2. Thanks for your support and feedback Mingi. You have indeed been supportive…. before we even had a logo, when we were working from the garage. I appreciate you.

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Kgomotso Mokoena, Just Kay's Boss Lady

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