May 29, 2020

Janine Van Throo, What is My Hair type?

BELGIUM – What is this thing with people wanting to know their hair type? All over the internet and during workshops people keep asking the same question; “what is my hair type?”  Now although I do understand that this, for some people, is a way to determine how they should treat their hair. And, what products to use, but let me tell you something really important; it is not about your hair type.

I have to be honest, waaaaayy back I used this hair type category thingie for a while. What I discovered is that it gave me a very narrow minded look at people and their hair.

Let me tell you my story about hair type

One day, we had a visit in our Sisay natural wellness boutique, this lady was looking for some products for her hair.

At that time, we had the products arranged by this so called hair type.

So this lady came in, she was dark skinned and I “automatically knew” what kind of products would suit her hair. Right? Dark skin, must be dry hair, let’s give her a 4c product, and so I did.

But whatever product #”4 type product” we tested on her hair, none of them where working  (in the salon we had the opportunity for people to test the products before purchasing), they where all too heavy for her hair.

She looked around and pointed to the products that had been “categorized” for the hair type 3-ish ladies. I told her that this product would probably be too light for her hair, but that she was welcome to try.

I was waiting for her to tell me that, indeed this hair type 3-ish product did not work either…………….. BUT, the funniest thing happened.

It’s Myth

I was waiting for her to tell me that, indeed this hair type 3-ish product did not work either…………….. BUT, the funniest thing happened.

This so called “too light for the hair type 4 ladies” worked perfectly well on her hair.

Needles to tell you how embarrassed I was. Because why?

I did not look at the need of the hair. No, I saw the color of her skin and immediately “assumed “ that I knew. The truth is that I did not know!

I realized that this “hair type hype” was nothing more than the light-skin/ dark-skin category that people have been raving about for so long.

If I hear hair type 3 I automatically would know that this would be the “good defined curled, probably mixed ladies with-not-that-dry hair”.

It was there and then when I decided to step far away from  this hair-type myth”.

Janine Van Throo, the natural hair therapist

So what do we look for?

When you need a product,  it is better to look at the NEED of the hair.  A so called “hair type 4 lady” might just as well take very good care of her hair, eat all the right nutrition, do all the right things ,have a certain genetically  background,  and have really soft, well-conditioned hair. Someone like that does not need heavy products!

Look at the need instead of the hair type and fill that need. I am sure that it will give you a much better result, then sticking to a hair type and choosing your products and method of working with your hair based on that.

Having a certain curl pattern does not mean certain products would work for you. I do not believe in the “one jar fits all” thinking.

  • I do believe that healthy hair comes from the inside
  • It is not (only) about the products you apply to your hair
  • I believe it is a cohesion of the 4 aspects working together so that you can enjoy your hair.
  • Think, NiSH ( Nutrition, Ingredients, Scalp care, Hair care)
  • I will leave you with a couple of tips I can’t repeat enough:
  • Afro hair needs moisture but you CANNOT moisturize by using oils and butters alone.
  • If your hair really soaks up the product, this means she is really thirsty. Apply the product as often as needed ( 3 times per day if hair is really dry is not a luxury)
  • Invest in quality products for your hair, really, you deserve it
  • Dandruff can’t be treated by using an oil.
  • Love your hair!

Tell me what you think!

Contact Details: Janine van Throo, Natural Hair Therapist

Founder of Just Natural Consulting, 

Founder of Sisay cosmetics, International Speaker,



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Janine Van Throo, What is My Hair type?

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