September 18, 2020

If I Were A Rich Wo(man) by Edwina Delamore

BELGIUM – Hi everyone, it’s Edwina Delamore again and I am Personal Finance professional. I remember years ago watching the movie ‘Fiddler on the roof’. It’s a forever classic movie that I personally think was made famous by the hit song ‘If I was a rich man’ by Roger Whittaker.

To refresh your memory, the chorus goes:
If I were a rich man,
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
If I were a wealthy man….

Our wishes of wealth are no different today as years gone. I think many who play the different lotteries, have the same burning wish; to obtain a large amount of money. Hopefully that will give them the instant courage to yell at their boss and hand in their letter of resignation the next day… you know I’m telling the truth!

If we take today’s definition of who a success person is, then I first want to remind you; generations of women of color actually had to fight to even just get recognition for their success. Meanwhile their work and ideas got stolen and given to others. These women from the 20s to about the 70s that we call legends today were also not well paid for their contribution.

Pretending to be Rich 

In today’s societies, we define someone as successful based on the amount of dollars and cents (money) we assume they possess! The great news is, more and more women are learning to craft their story and interests into brands. And they are easily becoming well known through their consistent use of social media platforms. I think the word I’m looking for is ‘Influencers’! They say things like, “Their Grind is real!”

Society has gotten so caught up with the glamorous life these influencers portray that they seem to forget the saying, “All that glitters is not gold!” Unfortunately, many of these same influencers are being forced to tell the truth.

That what you see, is all a facade! Today, we should be called and I use the quote from Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins, “Ain’t Nobody got time for that!”. 

Because in my view we are becoming a visual society, where reading takes too much time, funny videos have more views than something educational. People who can teach you valuable lessons can’t even get 1000 people to subscribe. While an Influencer just talking about makeup or pranking someone can get millions of subscribers.

Am I wrong?!

Plant your seeds in The Spring

There are so many women that are making good salaries, even more than men at times, but are still living pay-check to pay-check every month. So, I hope this debunks the myth that making lots of money is the definition of successful. Success, is not just about how much money goes into your big bank account! There is this expectation that we no longer need to put work into (Making, Keeping and Growing) money, because success is like winning the lottery, it just happens!

I remember listening to a clip from Jim Rohn, where he said, “Plant in The Spring or Beg in The Fall”. He defined (financial) success with the analogy of the sowing and harvesting of crops. It takes a combination of factor to create the success. The knowledge of when to plant the seeds, understanding on how to protect the crops and experience to know when tis the right time to harvest the crops.

Failure is good for success!

Finally, let me say this, your bank accounts may not be filled, but your success should not be defined by a number. It’s time to step out of the shadow of your own shame and celebrating your many achievements.  As women we cling to the labels society has placed on us.

It is time we define our own success! Wake up and look in the mirror and be happy with who you are, what you have accomplished and the life you live. No matter if it’s not exactly where you hoped your life would be.

In my 20s and 30s I believed that failing was a sign of an unsuccessful person. Until I realized that some of the most successful women, past and present had to fail to finally succeed! Some were single mothers, many got wrongfully fired; were underpaid compared to their male counterparts, filed for bankruptcy, single mother… etc. Yet they, if using today’s definition of success, have become successful in their own rights.

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If I Were A Rich Wo(man) by Edwina Delamore

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