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I Give Because I Care, Nelisa Mahlobo

UMLAZI, SA – I am an entrepreneur and community leader, a woman of color, unmarried and raising a child on my own. From an early age I was placed in spaces where I was expected to be the center of attention. This helped me master the art of standing out for all the right reasons and in perfect timing. While not underestimating others and making them feel less than. That is what it means to me to be a women of color with confidence. It means you care for those around you.

Community Service and Care

Helping people is close to my heart.  There is no other explanation, either than the fact that I simply care. If I became I billionaire tomorrow, I truly believe I would spend it helping people.

But I do not have billions to spare and do as much as I can, with what I have. One does not have to be huge corporate to lend a hand.  There is something called Ubuntu, it means caring for another living being. We used to have plenty of that growing up.  Now it is scars.

We wait for major days like Mandela Day to send basic human need supplies.  There are people who get what you have daily, only once a year.  And most of them are helpless children.

Often living with an elderly woman who spends the rest of days, laboring to feed them. Meanwhile, we out here splurging on things we don’t need.  But hey, I am not judging.  I would like to plead with you and encourage you to care.

Care All The Time

And then try to help those around you.  It doesn’t have to be  much, a little goes a long way.

From the Roots base camp is located in Umlazi  K section and I coordinate our community outreach events. The main mission is to Give where we Care, such as clothing and food. There is a huge lack of simple basic needs in Umlazi.  

We recently visited homes and Zipp toilet sanitizing spray was one of our sponsors. Hygiene is also a huge factor. The prevention of illnesses and contracting contagious infections is what the zipp sanitizer will help us do. 

Most of the other donations were from my family and the day was more than a success. It made me realize how far we have come and how we need to shift our focus. We must lend a helping hand to the less privileged and underserved. I am passionate with putting a smile on any individual’s face. I believe I am blessed to recognize and take action.


Nelisiwe an unemployed single mother-

Nobody is employed at home, when I got the news about From The Roots Base Camp activity; I quickly went and told my neighbors.  I didn’t expect them to believe me. However we came in numbers and I went home with clothing for myself and my children. I also didn’t have to worry about what I was going to cook for my kids that night, the food parcel will go a long way. 

FotoArts is a community project, they document pictures and videos of such activities. Their goal is to preserve our current activations. These visuals are than archived for the future generations. They did an outstanding job at the event. Knowing that all this positivity will be seen in many years to come gives me hope for the future.

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I Give Because I Care, Nelisa Mahlobo

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