October 23, 2020

Nomonde Sky

I am Word, I am Art, I am Nomonde Sky

TEMBISA, JOHANNESBURG – Nomonde Sky is a Public Speaker, Poet and Rapper who’s career is certainly booming and noticed by thousands of people. Not only is she an inspiring sensation on social media but also partnering with major brands to promote life changing campaigns. Sky’s journey is a unique one, here in her own words, she opens up and shares with us; parts of her the public doesn’t know. 

Nomonde Sky: Poet, Rapper, Public Speaker

Why I started Public Speaking

I am Nomonde Mlotshwa, the only child born to Nokuthula Mlotshwa.  Born and bred in Tembisa, a place that is slowly becoming more noticeable by the rest of the world.

I grew up an introvert, with no friends except my dolls and television programs that I felt like I was part of. I’d recite certain words during playtime, this I believe shaped my speech skills and my audience (being dolls) wasn’t so intimidating.

My first public speaking appearance was at age 4 during my first year of pre school. Although I was a shy child, my teacher saw something in me. I’ll never forget the day during the end of year ceremony, I had to recite Mose’s story from the bible. My eyes were filled with tears from stage fright but I stood my ground and projected my words as loudly as my tone could allow.

Fast forward into primary school, I was always the speaker the teachers preferred, not seeing it as a talent. My mother couldn’t understand what it was about her shy child that made her stand out.

High school came and here us a story I’ll never get tired if telling, I was watching “before the fame “, A show that profiled celebrities and their lives before they got famous. On this particular show they were talking to Lebo Mashile and I was so inspired, I wrote my first poem. Compared to my latest offerings that was the worst piece, but I’m forever grateful for it. It made me write more seeing and developed my ability to rhyme. Rhyming words aside, I had to now tell my story.

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Poetry & Sky

English class was always the best, diving into poetry pieces and circling words I could use as my next titles or words I enjoyed, being captured by a writer, little did I know, I was being called.

It was through my English classes that I grew to love word, high marks in prepared speech and my peers’ respect of me the moment I stood up, I knew I wanted this forever.

I joined poetry clubs at school, being recognized in numerous poetry events that branched out as far as Eistedford. School talent shows and a growing fanbase amongst the children at school.

After matric (graduating high school) I had no funds to further my studies, my mum having passed on the year of my matric, things took a severe turn. I had to rediscover myself and not once did I feel like poetry could be my career of choice, I strongly wanted to be in a Radio Presenter.

In 2012 after failing my matric, with a certificate that ranked in its positive 60’s for English and low 20’s for maths and physics, I had to take a step back from everything. I moved from Tembisa to Alberton, to live with my step-mother and 7 of my half-siblings. She had divorced my father the previous year but she opened her home to me, that was the much needed break.

My step mother got me back on my feet by making sure I rewrite my matric and yes, I finally passed it.

Nomonde Sky

Still I Strive, No Limits

Although having no funds, only a clear vision of what I wanted to do. The desire for media grew stronger and most people would ask, “Why don’t you try out radio/presenting”? But we all know how “the industry has been raped enough and has her legs closed in”(quoting self from Stoogie T’s feature on the vs black Twitter song ” lol…

Still I strived, did auditions for MTV base, craze on etv, yfm and mzansi insider just to name a few. And, would you believe after all these years the shy kid is what these broadcasting kingpins see in me when the spotlight is on…lol…

2016 came and I had to make a decision, I had to either remain in the comfortable hands of my step mother and forever wonder what joys are there for me. Or, step out into the flames of the world to find my spark.

I told my step-mother I was leaving them to go back to Tembisa, where my friends and fanbase was. Also where more opportunities are for me, she couldn’t accept it but also couldn’t hold me back. She had trained me long enough to stand on my own after my mother passed.

And so I left, 2017-2018 June, I find myself getting calls from her to say “congratulations my child, continue making me proud “.

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I am Word – I am Nomonde Sky

Although I work at a retail store because the art isn’t yet stably paying my bills, I have accepted that I am word. Poetry is my birthright and it would be betraying myself if I were to choose anything that goes against it.  It’s like the bible verse that firmly says, “seek first the kingdom of God and the rest shall follow”.

At times “His kingdom” is in your peace, in your talent, in your power. Poetry is were I meet God, presenting word unto me as an alter ego called Sky.

I believe the rest shall follow, a presenting job, starring in adverts, a home..hopefully a husband lol…

This has been an incredible journey and I’m only just crawling. Poetry is the one thing I had within, that I almost tossed away or left neglected, but mercy said no..lol…

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I am Word, I am Art, I am Nomonde Sky

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