October 28, 2020

How to Kickstart Your Healthy Eating Habits

A healthy lifestyle is something we all strive for, wish for, and make resolutions for when the new year comes around. You know that you should be eating healthier. Maybe you also know that you’ve tried achieving a healthy lifestyle far too many times and you’re starting to think it’s just too difficult. 

If this sounds all too familiar, then don’t worry! We have all been there, but the key to creating healthy eating habits is actually to keep it as simple as possible. We know the transition to healthy eating can be intimidating and overwhelming. That is why we are going to provide you with our top tips for effectively starting your healthy lifestyle today.

3 Steps to Get Healthy

Step 1. Start a Juice Cleanse

This may seem like an extreme way to start forming your healthy habits. It is probably the most difficult and requires a lot of discipline, but this is exactly why a juice cleanse is so effective in helping to form healthy habits. A juice cleanse should only last a few days (typically 1-5). However, it is important that you do a pre-cleanse before officially starting your juice cleanse. This means that for a week or so before your cleanse begins, you should slowly transition to eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting back on animal products such as dairy and meat, eliminating all junk food, and drinking lots of water.

This will get your body prepared for the cleanse so it will not become such a shock to the system. Once the juice cleanse officially begins, you will be drinking about 6-8 juices a day. These juices will contain the fruits and vegetables needed for your body to detox, get energy for the day, and heal from the inside. Many people finish their juice cleanse and are able to reflect on how good they feel when they ingest healthy, nutrient-dense foods such as the fruits and vegetables in their juice. This makes healthy eating following a juice cleanse quite easy because the effects of a healthy diet are almost immediately noticed after the week-long cleanse.

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2. Find Healthy Alternatives for Food You Love

This tip is so important because extreme, restricted diets will never last in the long-run. Sure, you may lose some weight, but the end goal is not always about the number on the scale. If you want a maintainable healthy eating lifestyle, you need to enjoy the food that you eat and the life that you are living.

For example, try using less oil in your favourite dishes, or replace your standard canola oil for something healthier, such as coconut oil. If you enjoy chocolate, don’t eliminate it completely. Find healthier alternatives, such as dark chocolate, which contains less sugar and actually provides some health benefits if eaten in moderation! These simple replacements can keep you on track with your healthy eating, and you will be enjoying yourself instead of feeling restricted. 

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3. Meal Prep for Healthy Eating

Preparing your meals at the beginning of the week will save you when you don’t have time and are tempted to grab something to-go or snack on unhealthy, processed foods. Allocate one or two days of your week to preparing your meals so that you always have something healthy to grab out of the fridge when you don’t have time to cook. Making healthy eating easy has a lot to do with being prepared, so don’t underestimate this tip!

We hope these tips will help you and encourage you to start your healthy lifestyle today. Let us know if you try any of them and if they have worked for you!

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How to Kickstart Your Healthy Eating Habits

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