October 23, 2020

How To Become A Magnetic Woman

CAPE TOWN, SA – What if you could choose to have a power that allows you to attract all your dreams and aspirations?  Imagine not having to chase anyone or anything to be yours, that it just came to you at the right time and place.   I am Samareh Lilith Rahnavardi, otherwise known as Sam STARWOMAN,  a Positive Psychology Coach & Relationship Expert. The good news is, it’s not a myth, magnetism is the power to create from within and I am going to show you the basics of how to invoke it. 

Become a Magnet to Opportunities

Magnetism is when you become so alluring that you basically become a magnet to all the opportunities that can help you get all that you ever wanted and dreamt of. It’s the gathering of some human traits that one accumulates which can lead you to become that magnetic person.

Do you want to be magnetic and powerful? Who wouldn’t want to live a life filled with all their inspiring desires and dreams? Imagine attracting the love of your life and experiencing true and unconditional love.  What would it do for your career or business if you were that one person that everybody always remembers and miss your presence?  These are some of the benefits of being a STARWOMAN. 

3 Top Traits of Magnetic People

There are specific human behavior traits that magnetic people share which I’m going to share three of them with you here.

1.  Quiet Confidence:

Magnetic people are quietly confident in all they do and in all that they are. So self-assured that they normally don’t need to explain themselves to others as they know their own truth and that who they truly are.

They live according to their highest values and therefore have fulfillment and inner happiness. This leads them to feel accomplished and successful and thus project quiet confidence that makes them look and feel attractive.

2.  Open Body Language

This trait usually involves openness, smiling, touching and making and holding eye contact. They give off a ‘vibe’ of confidence, charm, and attractiveness which makes them a magnetic being. You may find yourself wanting to talk to people like this and get to know them better. 

Some people are often drawn to their stories and secrets in life that made these magnetic people so darn amazing. Our body is a mysterious and amazing art that was ever created as it shows everything in it and all that goes in the mind reflects in the body. 

 3. Charismatic

This one human behavioral trait is one quality that can be hard to define. But usually, it means someone has the ability to connect and speak to anyone about anything, in a friendly, authentic and genuine way.

They can speak to a pastor this minute or a marine biologist one minute and a politician the next, they carry interesting conversations with complete ease and with anyone most of the time.

It is not that they’re more intelligent than anyone else but they have a natural curiosity about a variety of things that allow them to be at ease with anyone — which in turn just draws more people to them. And, this quality goes hand-in-hand with making others feel special and important, as well as being able to hold conversation in any time and about anything. Charismatic people are their most authentic selves in the moment and therefore are such magnetic people.

In closing

I would like to remind you once again that anyone can learn all these behavioral patterns and eventually own them and become more of a magnetic person. Look out for my next article where I will share more behavioral traits of magnetic people so you too can keep working on yourself and create that powerful magnetic shine from inside out.

Don’t you ever give up on yourself and your dreams my daring, because you are worth living a magnificent life of your dreams and aspirations. Keep shining!

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How To Become A Magnetic Woman

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