September 18, 2020

Janine Van Throo, How To Set Realistic Hair Goals

BELGUIM – Hair Goals anyone? We all know what it’s like. You look at the pictures and see this “naturalista” with an unbelievable head full of healthy hair. In the comments you read that she grew that hair from a tiny afro to mid back length in just 3 nights. And, she is willing to share her secret with you. How do they do that?

Ok, lets be serious! Nobody grows hair overnight. If you missed my previous Masterclasses on Natural hair care, let me share the highlights with you:

    • Hair grows on an average of 1-1,5 cm per month. This growth depends on a number of factors such as genetic background, hormones, diets, general health and more………these are the internal factors.
    • On a daily basis, your hair gets challenges from your comb, water, products, wind, heat, ( lack of ) maintenance and much more. These are some of the external factors.

How Does Hair Really Grow?

Your hair grows from the inside-out. Inside your scalp lays your follicle that produces hair (it’s actually a bit more complicated than that). As soon as your hair grows out of your scalp and you can see it, it’s no longer attached to the follicle. Therefore, making it “biologically dead material”. This means that… yeah… your hair is dead material.

It “grows” because the follicle “pushes” the dead cells up (the hair) and out the scalp. If you look at it correctly, your hair is basically a waste product of your body. To be able to grow, your follicle needs nutrition!

So, whatever product you put on your hair, it does not have any impact on the growth of it! 

Having said that, let’s set up some realistic goals for your hair now.

Realist Hair Goals

In an ideal world, you would have a maximum of 15 cm per year of growth. Since we do not live in an ideal world, you will have to face breakage and other set backs. BUT there are ways, tips and techniques to help you to retain as much length as possible.

    1. Where you stand right now and do know your hair? What does it like and what does it not respond to? What makes it break? And, if length is important to you… what is your length? You can start by keeping a diary to trace your progress.
    2. Set long-term goals, but enjoy the ride! Review your progress every 3 months. Remember that your hair grows about 1-1,5 cm per month. Also make sure to always measure the same spot you started with. I can assure you that your hair does not have the same length everywhere. If you want to have a realistic view, choose one area on your head, that you will be measuring.
    3. Use the right maintenance techniques to benefit your hair. When it comes to product, find out what your hair needs. Do not follow the hurdle and buy a product just because “the people stated that you are a 4b”. Try it out first and then decide what your hair likes and stick to that for at least 3 months. Do not go and wash your hair with coke, because “Dr. Youtube” said so, rather ask a professional.
    4. Don’t compare your hair growth to other people’s progress. Although it is tempting to see, it can also be discouraging. Your hair is unique so it will react uniquely.

Photo by Gabriel Silvério on Unsplash

Basic maintenance tips to follow:


If your hair is dry, preferably use a conditioning shampoo. If you use heavy products you might want to use a clarifying shampoo once a month. But make sure that you do not use it too often.

Remember that “squeaky clean feeling”, well that is actually a sign that you have succeeded in stripping your hair from it’s oils. If you have caucasian hair and an oily scalp, that is not problem. But if you have afro, dry hair, that will not do your hair any good.


Always, and I mean Always use a conditioner after a shampoo (you can even use it before a shampoo as well, that’s another technique). A conditioner will help you to detangle your hair easier, this will eliminate the breakage. Next, if you have a good conditioner it will help you put back some moisture in your hair; as well as protect it with a film around every strand. So make sure you always use a conditioner. For those of you who think to eliminate this step and use Shea butter instead…it does not do the same.


After you rinse out your conditioner, you follow with a leave in conditioner. This will mainly do the same as the rinse out conditioner but will stay on longer. Also it will help you to keep the moisture in for a longer period of time.


A good carpenter always has good material to work with, and so do you! What should be in your natural hair toolkit?

  • Wide tooth comb, small tooth comb, rat tail comb
  • Satin scarf
  • Satin pillow cases
  • Scalp massager

When you set your goals, remember to focus on your own progress. This does not only go for hair, but everything else in life as well. Feel free to get in contact with me if you want to need my help to help setup your healthy hair routine.

About the author;

Janine van Throo established Sisay Cosmetics in the year 2004 in The Netherlands and operated with the brand name Sisay Cosmetics

At inception, the company commenced operation as an online store. However, the original and result-oriented services of the company led to the rapid growth and subsequent establishment of the first natural hair care boutique in Amsterdam in 2009. Sisay launched the first own product line for natural hair care in the same year. Two years later, the landmark achievements of the company were recognized with the African Business Award, in Amsterdam.

Today, the company has expanded internationally with the headquarters presently in Belgium and provides certification, white label programs, and consultancy services under the brand name Just Natural Consulting.

As a pioneer of the concept of Hatural hair Therapy, Janine is primarily seen as an authority figure in the industry and earned a well-deserved reputation as the #1 Natural Hair Therapists on the global scale. 

As a researcher and product inventor, Janine formulates natural care products for afro, curly hair and scalp as well as nutritional products such as “Sishake beauty shake,” the nutrition formula manufactured under the Sisay Cosmetics brand.  

Janine created the NISH hair care philosophy and certification program which is now being offered worldwide. Janine serves as the head educator for Just Natural Consulting.


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Janine Van Throo, How To Set Realistic Hair Goals

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