October 28, 2020

Honoring Edwina Delamore, 1st Top Editor Achiever

This is an honorary feature, as we give thanks to Edwina Delamore, who joined our global team of women who not only write informative articles. But also inspire, insight and ignite courage, competence, and confidence in women around the world.

SOUTH AFRICA – Edwina Delamore has been the driving force behind personal finance education and growth for the ladies of Her Grit Magazine.  Not only was she the first Global Editor to believe in our vision but also wanted to inspire the next girl and woman to have the financial tools for life and business.

Ladies, have you ever had a conversation with someone who’s every sentence was just pure wisdom and inspiration.  That’s why I love chatting with Edwina,  she was the one who believed I was worth a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 title. 

Exclusive Conversation with 1st Top Editor Achiever, Edwina Delamore

This is a conversation between Charmaine Mbatha, founder & chief-editor of Her Grit Magazine and our honored Achiever, Edwina Delamore. 

Edwina Delamore, the founder of CSG Wealth a Personal Finance education and training company based in Europe. I have 15 + years of experience in banking and project management.

“I speak and educate women on the importance of Personal Finance as it is my belief, the only way to stop the money mismanagement, poor decision making and living monthly pay-check to pay-check is through education. We are living in unprecedented times and many women are earning very healthy incomes, but still have difficulties “Keeping and Growing” their money.

My objective, is to empower women to make better financial decisions and get them moving from “Money Stress to building a Financial Legacy” for the ones you love!

My motto: Wealth is about Knowledge, Empowerment and Freedom.” says Edwina.

You can listen to the full audio clip LISTEN HERE

Edwina’s words of inspiration

When I was 14, I remember hearing about a Decamillionaire. I come from an island of St Maarten, so that was very touristic. I don’t even know who the man was, but it just stuck with me, Decamillionaire. And I remember going to other people, my culture is you just don’t go up to people and you speak to them and be bold and say, what’s this?  But I asked them anyway, and of course, none knew what a Decamillionaire was.

According to Investopedia, a Decamillionaire is a term used for someone with a net worth of over 10 million of a given currency, most often U.S. dollars, euros or pounds sterling.

So I kind of put it in my head that I’d be a decamillionaire at 40, and I would achieve it. And slowly but surely, I started studying all of these different techniques that they had.

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Technique #1 _ Pay Yourself First

This one is from the book, Richest Man of Babylon. We have this tendency of making a salary, spending everything, making a salary again, spending everything. So we’re kind of in a hamster cage going around hoping that we’ll get out of this hamster cage. Now be it that people are in debt, there’s a lot of debt currently in our society. It’s not as simple as it was in those books.

You know, Rich Dad Poor Dad said about how you keep on investing and investing. So a lot of people are holding their hands back and saying, I can’t do what these books are telling me to do. But what I would say is very important, it’s starting.

Technique #2  _ How To Start, Set a Budget with a Goal 

Starting, even if it’s 1%, 2%, 3% scale yourself up to even 10%. What most books are saying is, save 10% of your income. It’s not only about making a budget, but also making a budget with a goal.

If it’s the goal to get out of debt, you make the budget based on getting out of debt. If the goal is getting your child to college, you make the budget based on getting your child to college.

We tend to just look at the numbers, but numbers are just 1, 2 & 3. If they have no meaning behind them, then you obviously continue to go down the same path. The idea is to start focusing on your goal. It doesn’t have to be a five-year goal, start with a weekly goal, then go up to a bi-weekly goal and so on, until you get to a monthly. Then you will see results.  Oh and remember to add Food to your budget list. So it’s basic budget plus food, that’s the first thing for entrepreneurs; you must have sufficient basic income plus food to manage for at least 18 months.

Technique #3  _ Know your Financial Risk Level

It’s really about behavioral finance. I also am going to do a podcast later with Erika Burdeniukaite, she is doing the emotional side, and I will do the finance side because it really does come down to “emotions drive your financial behaviors.”

The more money you have doesn’t necessarily mean the better off you are because it may be that you have bad financial tendencies. Meanwhile, someone who has less money might have better financial tendencies, and only lacking the resources, know-how or a mentor to become successful. And that’s really coming down to the core of it.

Photo by: Portraitsbychow (Herman Chow) Hair/Makeup: Makeupbyharoz (Haroz) Wardrobe: Clothingcompass (Tammy Parris)

More from Ms. Delamore 

Every day is a a new day, be it you are where you had hoped to be or not. Take each day with both hands because we as human beings are built to be resilient.

We have a resilient character about us, especially women. We get things done even with as little as possible. The only thing I can say is to have a goal, set your goals and set your financial milestones, according to those goals.

I’ve had a lot of inspiration looking at other women like my grandmother and mother, including learning from myself.  I wrote one article how my grandmother, she was a power woman in her rights. 

I wrote an article on Tina Alton who came to Britain with just a suitcase and knowing exactly what she wanted to achieve. She really is a guiding light for me to how she succeeded from being dropped at an airport and having noone coming to pick her up to now inspiring other women, cultures and even Ghana.  I mean, I can’t leave Charmaine out who’s doing the most with the resources she has in South Africa.  It’s amazing to be part of the Her Grit Magazine that allows us to put a shine on different aspects.

Closing words

I’ll be here to help you. The podcast will be there and my Her Grit Magazine columns will be there.  I really hope to help as many women young people, women of color and people of every color in this lifetime, because that’s the legacy I’d love to leave. That if someone says who was Edwina Delamore, she was someone who inspired someone, who was dedicated and someone who meant to teach as many people as possible about personal finance.

Connect with Edwina Delamore

Instagram: @csgwealth
Facebook: Csgwealth
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/csg-wealth
Speakerbase: http://speakerbase.edwinadelamore.com

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Honoring Edwina Delamore, 1st Top Editor Achiever

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