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Heritage and Women’s Wealth by Edwina Delamore

BELGIUM – Africa, the mother of all lands! The place where all the wealth of the world can be found. She carries resources of Diamond, Emeralds, Gold and other minerals, so proud within her stomach. Yet many of her original inhabitants will never experience the exhilaration that is felt when holding her beauties. 

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The harsh reality is, most women of color in Africa and the Diaspora have not been fitted with a GPS that naturally guides us to become wealthy. Unlike the rich stories that are passed down, generation to generation; most colored women stem from bloodlines filled with struggle, poverty and shame. For many years, we have had no plan, no focus and no roadmap to follow when it comes to handling money!

Our DNA stems from a long and rich heritage of women, who’s memories are kept alive and recollected by stories passed down within our communities. Also, queens such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Razia Sultana (the only woman to rule Delhi Sultanate). As well as other powerful women who ruled many great kingdoms that prospered! So, why have these stories of prosperity by the hands of women been left just as recollections of how powerful we once were?

The Assumption 

When people see me they rightfully see a black woman, but I can also claim the histories of Europe and Asia as my own. But when I say I’m from the Caribbean, I never get asked about who I am. It’s just about the sun, sand and sea that people feel I am well versed on.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached by many in the world that assume with my blackness comes ignorance; of not knowing much. That is until I put pen to paper or open my educated mouth and spit the knowledge they to know; especially when it comes to understanding finances.

I have paid a high price many times over for my refusal to play dumb! Whether it was being shut out of meetings, ideas taken or the ultimate sacrifice of losing a job. I refused to make a male feel more superior than me, still do. 

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The New Queens of Wealth

It saddens me to know that in 2018, many sisters of color in Africa and the Diaspora can’t reach our potential. Despite having strength that supersedes us, a will that drives us and our faith that stands the test of times.

Then why, why are we still falling behind? In my opinion, it remains rooted in the lack of understanding (Personal) Finance. Also, not having enough exposure to the stories that tell about the success of today’s successful women of color.

It is as if, we don’t value these women’s stories as part of our heritage. The internet is our gate way to keeping such stories alive. But our devotion to entertainment means we no longer have dialogue to stimulate the minds of the next generation.

I remember reading that as a self-made millionaire Kyle Jenner’s make-up company was almost at a billion-dollar mark. While Pat McGrath, a black woman’s, make-up line had already surpassed the billion.

I am mentioning this because, someone on a forum said something to the effect; “Why are we (people of color) so worried about her not being featured in a certain magazine, when we could do it ourselves.” Now that made so much sense to me!

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Why I write

Being a part of Her Grit magazine and writing Personal Finance Columns is more than me just putting text in a magazine. I am part of a legacy that is being made by women of color, for women of color! Each woman’s story that is told, becomes part of the internet’s DNA. We share stories and experience, but most of all “Our Grit.” One day our stories of struggle and success will inspire generations of women of color to come.

Some may read my articles and feel as though there is not the expected personal finance substance; such as how to invest in (XYZ stock or how to create a dividend calendar) … etc.  And indeed these things are important, but I want to go back to what originally stated;

“Women of color stem from a long and rich heritage of women, who’s memories are kept alive and recollected by stories passed down from one generation to the next.”

It is my hope by telling the story of Hon. Dr. Tina Allton who got off an airplane practically homeless, to now focusing on bringing Ghana into the G20.  It allows a girl of color to believe in her dreams. Sharing my story as a single mother and my financial sacrifices for the betterment of my son’s education, I hope shows another single mother it is possible to overcome adversity.

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Financial Lesson 5

Our heritage, is not defined by the amount of money we have. So, don’t worry about money burning a hole in your hand! It has only been in the past 300 years that modern-day man has decided to use money as measurement of success.

Your heritage is the wealth of knowledge that is available through the stories of the past as well as the stories that make up the future. You just have to be willing to learn from the pitfalls and success stories of other.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, just like everything we face in life, we as women of colour must double our efforts to bring successful stories to light. Our stories are just as complex as those once relayed by our ancestors that make up the fabric of our communities unapologetically.

Get to know Edwina Delamore:

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Heritage and Women’s Wealth by Edwina Delamore

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