September 18, 2020

Hazel Herrintong

Hazel Herrington Speaks to 8000 at NAC, Australia

AUSTRALIA – Hazel Herrington recently spoke at the 2018 National Achievers Congress in the company of peers like Anthony Robbins, JT Foxx, and Michelle Bridges.  It’s no secret that having the right person to look to as an example of success is a huge benefit to a woman of color.  Hazel is a shining example of this. 

Hazel Herrington at NAC – Australia

Herrington is also a Luxury Brand Ambassador and recognized Philanthropist. This is a woman of color who has risen to great heights in a number of very diverse areas, earning universal respect and admiration along the way.  In exciting news, her work continues to open eyes on an even wider scale. Herrington recently wowed a crowd of over 8000 business people at the National Achievers Congress in Australia.  

This latest achievement is certainly a highlight to remember, and follows up another success that received worldwide attention, Herrington’s  interview with possibly Australia’s most famous actor/director Mel Gibson of Brave Heart.  That breakthrough took place last year in November 2018 at the JT Foxx Mega Success event in Los Angeles.

Hazel Herrington Interviewing Mel Gibson in Los Angeles (JT Foxx Mega Success)

Women of Color Dominating in Business

“I am very proud to have been asked to speak at the National Achievers Congress in Australia. I’m thrilled at how well the event went and the quality of fellow speakers and the amazing attendees,”

“It’s certainly something I would love to do again. I encourage both successful and aspiring entrepreneurs to attend such events. Being able to interview the vastly interesting Mel Gibson was also a milestone, that will never be forgotten.”  commented Herrington.

Herrington leads a number of forward moving drives, including The Runway Coaching Project. She provides Mastermind Retreats for entrepreneurs, business owners, fashionistas and models. Hazel also charities; I am Bible Distribution and Destiny Arise.

That’s no all, this is on top of her Business Coaching, Mentoring. Her Public speaking engagements generally draw very large audiences. Herrington has a compelling presence that keeps people at the edge of their seats.

Join our Facebook Group Girls with Grit to discuss topics that will build us up together, as women of color. 

Hazel Herrington Speaking in South Africa

Hazel Herrington’s Body of Work

Other significant accomplishments are include  life-changing work for those in need in Africa. She’s empowered and equipped more than 20,000 entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. They are now financially independent and able to support themselves and their families.

Herrington has spoken to audiences of 40,000 and more globally, facilitating community development through Business workshops and Feeding programs. Her Youth Programs in Southern Africa provide educational benefits that resulted in reducing absenteeism and school drop outs.

Hazel Herrington continues to work with passion on her life-changing projects. The rest of her diverse mission is to help change the world for the better. She greatly credits her success to her role as a devoted religious and spiritual person. As well as to JT Foxx, the World’s No.1 Wealth and Business Coach.

Hazel Herrington Youth Tour in Zimbabwe

Why Business Coaching Works

“Getting wealth and business coaching from the JT Foxx organization has been an incredible experience. It amazing to part of a global family (Family First) and be supported by an organization that treat women of color as equals. The JT Foxx organization does not see race and gender but only focus on the full potential of the individual.” Says, Herrington.

Feedback for her work has been positive across the board.

Michelle S, from Illinois, recently said in a five-star review, “Hazel Herrington’s words came to me, almost by magic or divine intervention, when I needed them most.  I followed her suggestions and they have slowly, but surely, changed my life for the better.  Don’t skip hearing her speak.”

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Hazel Herrington Speaks to 8000 at NAC, Australia

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