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Hazel Herrington, 10 Success Strategies for 2019

AUSTRALIA –  Hazel Herrington is a global speaker, author, business strategist & brand influencer. With multiple businesses and brands under her leadership and advise, Ms. Herrington is highly sought after as a coach.  But, even with all her high ranks and success, Hazel says she’s most proud of the youth development and women empowerment philanthropy she does around the world.

Learning Success from Hazel

We’re one of the lucky ones to be able to get a few minutes out of Ms. Herrington’s already fairly booked out schedule for 2019.  How does she do it all?  How does a mother of 3 still manage to invest in major real estate projects, speak all over the world, coach business owners and companies?  We wanted to know her secret and share it you lovers of Her Grit Magazine.

So what’s our HUGE admiration over Hazel Herrington all about?  I’m glad you asked, here it goes;

    1. She’s is a Top student of JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth & business coach. Hazel has not only interviewed JT Foxx himself but also shared the stage with him and impacted over 20,000 people’s lives.  And, she’s featured in his #1 Bestselling book.
    2. Hazel has also interviewed A-list celebrities Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Jewel Kilcher.
    3. To date, she’s spoken to over 50,000 audiences globally.
    4. She inspired young entrepreneurs and recently invited by Zimbabwean Billionaire to speak at the “Millennials Career Fair” hosted by Steward Bank.
    5. Destiny Arise is her NPO that equips women to become economically independent.
    6. She’s been seen on multiple media around the world including Gold Coast Bulletin,  Courier-Mail, NT News, Coaching Life, Business Booster Today, Monique Today, The Chronicle, Sun News, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation,
    7. Ms. Herrington his highly respected and trusted by African Presidents, Business Leaders and Billionaires.
    8. She is serious about the education of children has partnered with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education, Sports, Arts & Culture.
    9. Hazel is a Nominee for Top 100 Women of Influence in Australia
    10. And she’s a magazine editor.

Herrington’s 10 Success Strategies for Your 2019

When we met with Ms. Hazel in Los Angeles, USA she was heading out to an invitation only event held by Netflix & Fox Studios.  We later found out that Herrington met Hollywood celebrities such as Sir Quincy Jones, Laverne Cox who stars in Orange is the New Black. Also Michael Pena, Jonah Hill and Jo Alwyn just to name a few.

If I went on about more of Hazel’s success we won’t get to her ten secrets…so here is what Ms. Herrington had to say.

Thank you Her Grit Magazine for selecting me to start the year off as your cover feature.  I am excited for this new season of life and I want to encourage everyone reading this article.  Listen, you are worth it.  That dream you have in your heart, business you want to start, or new job or start traveling.  You can do anything, because you are worthy of having the best life you desire.

These 10 strategies have helped me be where I am today.  And I still apply them myself, I am sure they will work for you too if you use them effectively.

1. Start with God

Everything I have is not because of my own abilities alone, I put God first all the time.  Not that I am telling people what to do or follow my religion which is Christianity, no.  I am sharing what works for me. God’s Grace is my #1 reason for success.

2. Set clear and achievable Goals

I often hear unsuccessful people so confused about what they want to achieve. Set specific intentions.  Example, if you want to lose weight be clear to the last gram of how much.  Why do you want what you want?  When do you want it by? What do you need to start doing so you can get it?  Who can help you get it? Where can you go find it? How will you get it? 

3. Education, Coaching, Mentors & Influencers

I am always learning from and surrounding myself with people who are higher up than me.  As a business coach and strategist, I cannot teach what I do not practice.  If anyone wants to succeed, whatever industry you choose, get a coach, have mentors and follow people who match our desires and values.  Those who’ have done it and succeeded and constantly surrounding yourself with positive people.

4. Work Hard for your Goals

True success has no shortcuts.  Of course people take them, often in illegal or unethical ways but that kind of success is not sustainable.  Nothing good comes from that, at least not for a long time.  Don’t be afraid of hard work, long hours and sacrificing fun or pleasure to get things done.

5. Make Mistakes Once, Fail Plenty of Times

Meaning, if you keep repeating the same mistakes you’re not learning and therefore not growing towards achieving your goals.  There is a difference between that and failing.  Failing means you tried your best but you didn’t exactly know what you were doing, so you get up and try differently. After learning a lesson of what not to do again.  Whereas repeating mistakes just shows you’re not paying attention and aren’t taking your goals seriously.

6. Do NOT Procrastinate

This is a serious Goal-Killer.  “I will do it tomorrow, next week, next month…”  And poof! Before you know it; it’s 2020 and you are making the same resolutions as this year.  Or, you tell yourself this year’s goals were not really what you wanted.  Hmmm, read No. 2 again.  Motivate yourself push hard even when you don’t feel like it.  Just Do It, like Nike says.

7. Mindset: Build Your Confidence

Lack of self-belief comes from not knowing who you are, what you capable of and why your goals are valid.  The only person that needs to approve you is yourself.  So if you know you have low self-esteem, are shy, uninspired, change that.  Read book, blogs, go to seminars, hang out with positive people.  Do whatever it takes to build up confidence in yourself and capabilities.   Stay away from people who don’t believe in you and pull you down. Keep surrounding yourself with people who want the best for you and believe in you. 

8. Stop to have fun

Make time to do the things that truly make you happy.  Life isn’t all about work, studies, business etc. Live a little.  It will minimize your stress levels and keep you uplifted and inspired.

9. Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

I wake up early, get a workout done, read or listen to an educational audio. I maintain a healthy eating habit, don’t smoke or drink excessively.  You need to take care of your body, mind and soul.  What’s healthy to me might not be good for you, so find out what you can do to improve your life, to make it healthier.

10. Serve people & Add Value

The quickest way to achieve your goals is by having the right people help you.  But don’t use people add value to them first.  Find out how you can help someone before you ask them for help. Also when you do good to others, people like and support you. 

In conclusion, it’s important for you to understand that you are not in a race or competing with anyone.  Focus only on your own progress. Avoid comparing yourself to other people it will kill your momentum.  Stay in your lane precious people, and celebrate making small progress towards your goals.  All the best! 

To follow Hazel Herrington’s journey go to  or on Instagram: @hazelherringtonofficial 

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Hazel Herrington, 10 Success Strategies for 2019

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