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Have Money in the Bank but Do not Wear the Pants

DURBAN, SA – “Im with you because I love you, not because I need you.” These words should never roll off your tongue in a conversation with your romantic partner. Relationships now have so many terms and countless conditions. However, if you are in a relationship that is solid (not a situationship, or friends with benefits-ship), ladies; it can never be ideal to use you do not wear the pants at home.

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Women making Money

It is great that we have so many seminars that equip women with sufficient knowledge on how to “SLAY” the corporate world and be a well-grounded and well versed women in this cut throat industry…Remember this, you are the boss at work.

You are the leader out there. You are the superior and masterminded powerhouse out there. In your home or relationship, you are the backbone that hold the head. Give your partner the opportunity to fulfill his rightful role as the male and head of the home.

It can be done ladies, I grew up in household where my father was probably making less than a third of what my mother was making. He was a petrol attendant and she a nurse. On pay day, she would slip some money under a dish they kept in their room for my father’s transport money. She would also add grocery money there so that he would always have money to give back to her for groceries.

When we were old enough to question this, amongst other things. My mother simply said, “My husband is the head, he must provide and I must support him.”

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Be Mindful of Your Man

Not everyone has to know that you are more educated and maybe more successful than him. It doesn’t really do much for your relationship or the person you are telling; when you boast about how much bigger you are than your man.

We should be each other’s cheerleaders and have each other’s backs at all times. Women seem to get some satisfaction in shaming their men in public spaces; on some,

“Look at him walking so tall, I bought him those clothes.”

We expect them to do so much when they have more money than us. The minute we are earning more, it becomes so shameful. Why is it a burden when you have to carry your partner financially?

I would really love to know what other women think. Women empowerment is a great but let’s cover all aspects of empowerment. Being a powerful wife requires different qualities than those of being a powerful business woman.

Let’s be able to differentiate and act accordingly.

Anele Nzama

YouthCoupleOnTheMove Relationship Adviser

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Have Money in the Bank but Do not Wear the Pants

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