August 5, 2020

Greg JC Granier

Greg JC Granier, “Your Story IS Your Income”

FRANCE – We met Greg JC Granier in Johannesburg. He spoke at Mega Business event hosted by JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth and business coach.  Greg is French and a world traveler who came to South Africa to share his wide knowledge on storytelling. Not only was his presence captivating on stage, his Talk was both hilarious and inspiring. As the Top speaker on the day, scoring 9.9 points out 10, we had to know more about Mr. Granier.

Exclusive Interview with Greg JC Granier

Q: Off all the topics of the day, yours was most different; why did you choose to talk about storytelling?

Firstly, storytelling is just one of the topics I talk about when speaking on world stages.  But, it is the bases of every other topic you can think about it the world. Wether it is inspirational stories, factual stories and when there are lessons to learn.  In any case, it all tells a story.

Millions of stories are created everyday. They have been around since the beginning of civilization. It’s one of the human basic needs, you need to create stories to make your life worth living. If there were no stories, there would be no connections in this world.  We are all interconnected because each one of us may have our own, but together we create more stories.  That is what I am passionate about.

Greg Speaking to thousands at Mega Business, South Africa

Q: What is your Story?

I grew up in a small village in the south of France in the 80s. We had no internet or television so I started imagining my own stories. How I wanted to live in future and the type of work I’d do when older. It all begins with imagination.  There are things you can create, like your character and what you say. But also there are those that are beyond your control and happen in your surroundings.

I had a lot of emotional turns very early in life.  I was born with a handicap and grew up without a father. He abandoned me and my mother at six months old.  My mother re-married when I was seven years old and found happiness.  When I was 9 years I almost died. All of those experiences combined made me want to become an actor.

Q: How has your background story shaped your career choices?

Having a lot of father issues got me searching for acceptance.  That’s how I became an artist, actor and on stage. So I would seem well put together and “acceptable” to people.

Of course it wasn’t easy. I moved to Paris to study. Having no money, I had to work long hours at different hotels and restaurants. In order to pay for my fees.

I have worked in over 20 industries. Performed in one man shows more than 1000 times. I founded and owned a theater in Paris. I’ve also worked for big companies like Disney, coached more than 250 artists and was on TV.

Four years ago I decided to change my life and experience the corporate world, before becoming entrepreneur again. I’ve been a quality coach for Nike, eMarketing consultant and a million dollar salesman in recycled IT.

All of this happened not only because of my background story, but also my ability to Tell Story.


Photo: Dalibor Kojic

Q: How can a person begin to make money from their own life story?

We will need a more in depth coaching call for that. But the first thing to think about, is which story of your life drives your passion. 

After I had my near death experience at 9 years old, I began to experience life differently.  There’s a saying that I love; “We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

So you have to look at the places your life story leads you and work it out from there.  Yes, I started wanting acceptance, that’s how I got into acting right. But it didn’t end there, I kept expanding my experiences.

For instance, I’ve been a DJ, did stand up comedy and now I am also a movie producer working with Hollywood. And that’s not all.

How you decide to live your next story, leads to how you create your next income. But like I said, it will take coaching with me to really go deep.

Q: What else do you do that makes you income from your life story?

I am a stage coach, from my theatre and stand up comedy background. I am a relationship coach. I’m a business coach, marketing and branding strategist. I also do event organizing.

The thing to remember is that in every career or business I’ve done; all are founded in storytelling. If we as human beings lose the ability to tell stories, we will all die. Because, we cannot connect without them.

Nature has a story. The stock market has a story, if you listen to it you can make a lot of money. Even animals share stories. The point is to pay attention to yours, expand from it and connect with others.

Greg & Vanilla Ice at Mega Business

Q: As a relationship coach, do you have a few tips to share?

Sure, yes we can do a crash coaching session on relationship topics like; how to prepare for a first date.  How to date when you’re a single parent and how to have great results on dating apps like tinder… for example;

  1. No bio text on your profile, entertain the mystery. Don’t sell yourself, you can do that on chat.
  2. No profile picture with sun glasses or hiding half of your face. All women are beautiful in their own way.  We need to see the eyes because they are the window to the soul.
  3. No kids on pictures. This isn’t your child’s tinder, it’s yours. Imagine, there are perverts out there. You can talk about having a kid when your conversation has started.  You first want to find a date and then a step-dad. There are special apps for single parents. Don’t expose your child to so many people’s energies, Tinder is the largest dating app in the world.
  4. No half naked pics, both guys and ladies. Guys don’t post pictures in front of luxury cars.
  5. When greeting, don’t just say, “Hey”, “What’s up” or “OMG you’re so hot”…Ask open ended questions. For example; “Hi there, how good is your sense of humor?” Be witty.
  6. Always wait for reciprocity before you take your Tinder chat to meeting in person. It has to be mutual. For others it is instant. A friend of mine used to say, “Love at first sight is when two very horny people meeting each other for the first time.”
Photo: Dalibor Kojic

Do you want to create stories with Greg?

Greg is a very busy man but he has agreed to connect with our readers.  If you’d like to learn how to make an income from storytelling, or need business coaching let us know. You can simply email or send us a message on our

Facebook page Her Grit Magazine

There are a lot of opportunities that he’s opened up; he could be a brand ambassador for your project. Or assist with film funding, business coaching, job opportunities and a lot more.  Greg will also be in Los Angeles in November, 5 to 10 at Mega Success, you can connect there as well.

To see more of what Greg does, then visit the following websites;

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Greg JC Granier, “Your Story IS Your Income”

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