September 19, 2020

Get Rid of Your Stench: 3 Foods that Produce Body Odor

My name is Jane Barber and I’ve always—positively—considered myself quite a plain Jane. I’ve always been generally satisfied with my body shape and looks, never faced a terrible wave of insecurities as I dare imagine what today’s world puts us women through. But fear not, my beautiful friends of Her Grit, this plain Jane’s self-confident days came to an end, and I was surprised by a most sudden turn of events.

Body Odor Ended My Date

I was out on a date with a handsome man I’ve met on the infamous Tinder application; I made sure I was dressed to the nines, my curls were on point, but half-way through our date as I was dining with Mr. Handsome Tinder Man, I raised my hand to wave for the waiter, and this plain Jane smelt an extremely pungent onion-like smell emanating from my armpits.

As any of you would do, I excused myself to the toilet to take care of the situation before the odor reaches anyone other than myself. Of course, I thought this was only a one-off unfortunate occurrence. I was wrong. My body odor would very frequently betray me, and I started growing anxious, and of course, terribly insecure.

After a strong recommendation from my girlfriends to visit a doctor, I booked an appointment with a dermatologist. Apparently, I have been following a diet that did not complement my body in any way. My dermatologist informed me that eating habits are a strong contributor to how and what different parts of your body smell like; some foods can really leave you sweating like a hog. Some of these foods are going to surprise you because we actually incorporate them in our diets more often than not.

Eating odor-inducing foods takes a toll on your breath, your sweat, body gas, and down there. There are certain compounds in these foods that react with the skin bacteria and come out through body secretions which ultimately leave you smelling stinky.

Photo By Sergio Alves Santos on Unsplash

1. Alcohol

Aha, that Bloody Mary’s likely to turn you into a sweaty Mary. After you’ve consumed one glass too many, your body sends the alcohol through your blood stream which makes you tipsy (and smelly), because the alcohol starts oozing out of your skin pores which leave you smelling a bit off. Nevertheless, you can control it through constantly hydrating on water.

Photo By Pratiksha Mohanty on Unsplash

2. Spicy Food and Spices

Garlic and onion can be considered spicy food next to spices, such as curry and cumin. These foods contain high sulfur content, as well as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which produce a stench on your skin through sweat, in your breath, and down there.

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

3. Red Meat

Here’s one more advantage to switch to a Vegetarian or Vegan diet. Red meat is apparently a start on the odor-inducing foods list because of the large amounts of sulfur it contains. Meat is one of the foods that take time for our bodies to process, it travels through the body longer than most other foods we consume do, and the longer it takes in making its way to get digested. 

Nevertheless, fear nothing my ladies. All it takes is a balanced diet and A LOT of hydration. So start gulping on that water, and if you want to sip on onion soup or gulp down some wine, then better do it after your date.

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Get Rid of Your Stench: 3 Foods that Produce Body Odor

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