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Fight Like A Girl, Defense Tips for Girls and Boys

DURBAN, SA – Fight Like A Girl was launched in July 2017 by Christine Eriksen and Ann du Plessis, who between them have over 14 years of Martial Arts experience.  Christine is a 3rd Dan Black Belt and Ann a 1st Dan Black Belt, both in Goju Ryu Do Seiwakai Karate. 

Ann and Christine realized that Karate was perceived as mainly a male-dominated sport, as not a lot of older women took part. The “Dynamic Duo” paired up and started Fight Like A Girl with the aim to EDUCATE and EMPOWER women in self-defense. 

Learn How To Fight For Your Life

Many women feel too intimidated to walk into a dojo full of men as there is a misconception that karate is quite aggressive, where the participant generally gets hurt. Women are nurturers by nature so it’s incredibly difficult for them to bypass that instinct. It is also often difficult for women to attend karate classes in the evenings due to family commitments. 

Ann and Christine, both mothers themselves, understand the needs and psychology of being a woman. They created their course to embrace all aspects of being a women As well as the need for women in South Africa to be empowered with skills to protect themselves and their children. 

Fight Like A Girl empowers women with the understanding that you CAN fight back, that you DO have a voice, and NO, we as women in South Africa choose not to be victims of abuse.  Fight Like A Girl embraces the differences in the physicality between men and women and teaches women how to Fight Like A Girl, because we are girls and so have to fight differently given the sheer difference in height, weight, speed, strength and agility of men. 

It’s easy and can save your child’s life

The 3 hours beginners’ seminar empowers the student with understanding of situational awareness, body language and various other information on how not to become a victim in the first place.  The techniques a simple and easy to apply if ever needed.  The student learns how to use their voice and what to do if they ever find themselves in a situation requiring choices.  Fight Like A Girl is all about women, with women instructors, so during the more sensitive scenarios around rape and being pinned to the ground the students are able to practice these scenarios without the “discomfort” of having a man demonstrate the technique.  This is invaluable as some of the student are abuse and rape victims themselves and so feel less threatened to work with other women.

 The seminars are interactive and fun and a lot is covered over the 3 hours.  Women leave feeling empowered and strong with the knowledge that they have choices and a voice.  

They’re never too young to learn how to defend themselves

Fight Like A Girl was also recently approached by a number of parents requesting a course for children so that the children would know what to do if ever approached by a stranger, got separated from their parents or were ever abducted.  Christine started a program in 2011 called the K.I.C.C.K program or the Kids In Crisis Can Kick program, which is all about situational awareness and self-defense techniques for kids should they ever need them. The program has now been adapted to teach children from the age of 3 years, right up to Matric students, on what to do and how to react in difficult situations. 

Fight Like A Girl is also putting together a program on domestic abuse and how to handle that, as well as self-defense for the elderly, which will commence next year. 

3 Tips For You To Avoid Getting Into A Dangerous Situation 

Tip #1 Avoid focus lock!!

We are becoming a “zombie-nation” of cell phone users. Everywhere you go you see people with cell phones glued to their hands. In the shops, in their cars, walking down the street….

When you are distracted by your cell phone, you have no clue what is going on around you. This makes you an easy target as you will never see your attacker coming!

Put your phones away!!

Tip #2 Project confidence 

As you go about your daily routine out and about, make sure you walk confidently and with purpose. Keep your head up, arms swinging and an even pace. Confident looking people who look like they know where they are and where they are going are less likely to be attacked. Rather than someone who looks nervous and unsure of themselves. 

Tip #3 Slow down when approaching a robot  

Now that you have put your phone away when you are driving, you are less likely to want to check your emails or Whatsapp when you get to a robot. So now you are more aware of your surroundings. It’s also a good idea to slow your vehicle as you are approaching a red robot so that you don’t have to come to a complete stop. It is very difficult to hijack a moving vehicle!  

To learn more or find out about attending a course with Fight Like A Girl, please visit their website

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Fight Like A Girl, Defense Tips for Girls and Boys

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