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Editor’s Note, Women of Color and Grit

DURBAN – I am Charmaine Ntokozo Mbatha, also known as Ms Mbatha. I started working at the age of 13 because of need and curiosity.  Today, I am a woman with grit.  To have girt means being driven by passion and the ability to persevere through challenges. I am also a woman of color and part of the challenges I still face, are because of that.  But, I don’t make excuses, I have grit.  Her Grit Magazine exists to inspire, inform and impact women of color globally, through content.

How I got my Grit

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A major contributing factor to me starting to work at such an early age was the need to help my mother.  A single mom who worked a full-time job, ran two businesses from home and studied part-time.  According to Angela Duckworth, grit is passed down through DNA and parents modeling those qualities to their children. So you see?  I got it from my mama.

The curiosity was to figure out what business I’d have one day and to see what I enjoy.  I have worked ever since that age and it wasn’t without hardship.

I resigned from my corporate job at 25 years old. Some may think that’s too young, but remember, by then I had 12 years of work-ethic under my belt.

Starting a business was the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I was an overachiever, always scoring high and failure was not an option. Yet, I’ve failed more in the last 3 years than ever in my life.

As a result, I’ve also grown in leaps.  That to me, is having grit.  The ability to stand up after being knocked down. It’s that burning fire inside you that nobody can put out. Hardships fuel you and make you stronger.

Women of Color Have More Grit

Being a woman of color has shown me that the world can be cruel to us.  We are considered to be at the bottom of the “human hierarchy”.  For decades, we’ve been pushed aside, ignored and undermined.

However, I am part of a different class of women of color.  We cannot be counted out.  We kick down doors, break barriers and count ourselves present. Not only are we highly intelligent but also most valuable.  We make things happen, against all odds.  Of course, we have grit.

 The women we feature are confident and show great strength in character.  I am so proud to launch this publication because it stands for so much more than what’s out there.  Unlike other magazines that focus on celebrities, H.G.M is for extraordinary women who live “ordinary” lives.

They have overcome fear, abuse, poverty and discrimination to thrive in life and business. We also publish people, brands and businesses who actively support women of color.  It’s all about the colorful Queens! 

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Our reader is smart. She or He is looking to be inspired and informed to bring about positive change in their lives and society. Her Grit Magazine audience appreciates substance and insight.  They love being inspired and motivated to do more. They too, have grit.

In conclusion, let us all be part of movement that will not only change our lives, but leave a legacy for our children to benefit from.

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Editor's Note, Women of Color and Grit

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