Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

Charmaine Mbatha

Editor’s Note – Single Moms Rock

DURBAN, SA – In this issue, we celebrate the life and work of single-mums, entrepreneurs and world changers. Women of color are changing the world, one day, one child and one business at a time. I know for a fact that single moms rock, I was raised by one.

Is Single Parenting becoming our Heritage?

With every passing day, more and more women are becoming single parents.  I know more single mums than I do couples who are married or co-parenting.  Are men taking less responsibility or are women that set on changing the world that they don’t need the help of fathers?

I think the former is true.  But, that still does not stop many incredible, multi-cultural women from raising their children.

We can do better as a society though.  Co-parenting is healthier for the child.

Our Vision at Her Grit Magazine is to inspire more cultural integration.  There is no better time to be a woman than now.  We can help each other grow in life and business.

Special Edition

This is a special edition because, for the first time, we will have a print version of Her Grit Magazine that will be sent to Singapore. More details on this to follow, stay up to date on our the Her Grit Magazine Facebook Page 

A huge thank you to all the amazing women who’ve shared their journeys with us.  Some have even shared the most personal stories.  Why don’t we spread any celebrity gossip and negative news?  Because we are changing lives, not destroying people.

Nothing good comes from gossip but a positive life story and business lessons can empower and change someone’s life.

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If you are, or know a woman or person who is courageously making a positive impact in the world; and need to be featured on Her Grit Magazine, simply email us.

I am inspired by each and every one of the features in this September Issue, and you will be too.



I am Charmaine Ntokozo Mbatha, founder and editor-in-chief of Her Grit Magazine. To know more about me, visit my website Charmaine Mbatha here.


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Editor's Note - Single Moms Rock

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