Sat. Nov 16th, 2019

Do Real Friendships Still Exist?

DURBAN – A friend is somebody who lifts you up when feeling down but also tells you the truth; even when you don’t want to hear it. Feminine friendships have always been questioned. The majority believe that women can’t have stable friendships because of they catfight over men. Every friendship has it’s ups and downs regardless of whether it’s among men or women.  As an individual, you need to know what’s good for your well-being. Women have the most amazing times when together but as mentioned, there tends to be “some” negativity. But, we can work around that…

I’m going to share some benefits of friendships amongst women, and the things we lack to maintain our friendships.  Bear in mind, being friendless doesn’t make you weird or nerdy. It’s a sign that you aren’t ready or maybe lost too much in previous friendships.

Benefits Of Friendships Among Women

There are so many things done together by women that create beautiful memories and sometimes beautiful outcomes in life.

Females are kind by nature, pure love and great empathy. These characteristics come in handy when comforting each other which improves your connection as friends.  Whether you’re going through a divorce or grieving a sudden death. 

The strength women have when they collaborate is amazing. Their friendships sometimes lead to the best business ventures. When women become close, they extend their friendship to a point where they feel like sisters. In a simpler form, women can depend on each other in some friendships.

They babysit for one another or help around the house with chores if one is ill. They help in cooking recipes and fashion sense. 


The Dark Side of Female Friendships 

Everyone’s got to choose well. Women are sensitive and vulnerable. They trust easily making themselves victims of sabotage and foolishness. As much as they build each other, they can also break one another.

I speak as a woman, we can listen to our friends but reserve some free will over your life choices. We end up losing our marriages, jobs, and families through misleading friends. And let’s be honest, sometimes your girls don’t even respect your boundaries and privacy. You must know where to draw the line ladies. 

We forget friends are human too, with their way of interpreting things and a different perspective. Jealousy and envy are also common between BFFs, even when a friend loves you, they may get a little green over your hot man that does everything you ask or about your success.

Good to know

Your friends should be a reflection of who you are. It’s an amazing experience when you complement each other, you don’t need people to “complete” you.  Friendships either work out or they just don’t, either way, it’s okay.  


PS: Ladies, Always be making friends!

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Do Real Friendships Still Exist?

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