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DJ LeSoul

DJ LeSoul Talks Music and Brands

DURBAN – Gagasi FM Radio Presenter and Musician LeSoul is a dominating Brand. Her growing influence is not only in the music and entertainment industries, but also corporate and public sectors.  DJ LeSoul is the youngest female musician in Africa who plays professional piano. She produces her music and mixes Live, without using headphones. 

The Music in LeSoul

It is no coincidence that LeSoul has travelled the world extensively doing what she is engraved in her DNA, making music. The edgy and artistic DJ LeSoul has played in Manhattan New York, Youth Fest Connecticut USA, Nunu Fest in Zambia, Miami Spring Break, Namibia Windhoek and countrywide locally.  The highly sought DJ is booked every weekend.

She also has an increasingly high listenership on her Friday, Saturday & Sunday Radio Show on Gagasi FM, KZN’s No.1 Hit Radio.  “Bring on the Night” has now expanded to week days between 12 to 3PM on the Midday Shandis as the leading lady with over 900K listeners.

LeSoul’s current album titled Unorthodox Sounds is out on all digital platforms and will be in stores in July 2018. She has created a sound that is none like any other.   Also, she releases a house mixtape every week which you can listen to Dj LeSoul on Soundcloud  You can watch more of DJ LeSoul performance and music videos  on YouTube.

The Boss, Business & Brand

LeSoul has a full marketing and management team behind her, who’s focus is on growing her brand in the national and international markets.   She has attracted an alarming amount of corporate interest.  Her fascinations and lifestyle makes her selective of the brands she works with.

LeSoul is currently driven by SMG Dealers. She is affiliated with Krone Sparkling Wine. Works with Nandos South Africa and is an ambassador for Palladium Boots.  There’s more, she also started a relationship with HERSCHEL Supply Co.

Her educational background is quite outstanding having obtained a Human Resources Management Diploma and a Labour Law Bachelor’s Degree.

“My love for music started at church where I grew up as the Preacher’s daughter. Later I introduced myself to different sounds. I consider myself Unorthodox, a youngster with magic

hands.” Says DJ LeSoul

DJ LeSoul

Q & A with DJ LeSoul

Q1: Being a world traveling woman who plays in a male dominated field, what advantages do you have, if any?

A1: “The first advantage granted was being a woman, I wouldn’t change it for the world. We multi-task by nature and the more opportunities we get, the more we revel.” 

Q2: What is the worst experience you’ve had in your professional life for being a woman of color and what did you learn from it?

A2: “I can’t recall being mistreated by any specific color nor gender. Unfairness exists everywhere. I guess I always seek learning in every experience.” 

Q3: We heard you sing like an angel, will we be hearing more of vocals in your music?

A3: “I produced and sang on my first single ever. I still sing indoors but maybe it is time I release more songs where I actually sing throughout the track. Though I wouldn’t want to stop deejaying.” 

Q4: What are your top 3 personal values that make up your character?

A4: I’m very honest.  I respect everyone.  I’m always willing to learn.

Q5: How would you encourage a young woman of color who’s hustling hard to have a better life? 

A5: “We are all here for a purpose. Self discovery is key before making any type of move. I wish everyone woman growth. Life isn’t easy and we’re all really trying hard, so I hope life throws every woman a bone.” 


It is safe to say that LeSoul clearly has unmistakable grit. She is admired by many not only as a public figure but as a person.  It’s a lesson to us all, you can be beautiful, successful and humble at the same time.  She is consistent, passionate and her body of work speaks for itself. 

Follow DJ LeSoul on Social Media ; @djlesoul across all platforms.

How To Book Her;

Performance bookings : Call Dean –  072  529 4436

Public Relations: Call Andile Mhlongo – 073 110 7521

CSI: Call Ntokozo Majozi – 062 702 7797

Digital Content: Call Njabulo Mhlongo – 084 875 8027

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DJ LeSoul Talks Music and Brands

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