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DJ Anele Nzama

DJ Anele Nzama Determination Paid Off

DURBAN – I have always known that I am a people’s person and want to serve them well for all my days. But, for a while, my heart and goals were not perfectly aligned… things (all my goals and dreams) just seemed so out of reach. If someone had told me a year or two ago that I’d be a DJ, on Vibe FM and a business woman…I would have broken into a hard laugh or even a cry considering the whirl wind of draining events I was met with.

Being in this largely male dominated industry can be so tiresome. It’s having to constantly prove yourself, and having to earn and maintain your keep. With God’s grace, my determination paid off sooner than I had ever imagined.

DJ Anele Nzama and Luleh

My life on Vibe FM (94.7)

After just doing my first two shows as a feature presenter on the Vibe FM (94.7) Drive show; I was offered to co-host a Hip Hop show on Saturdays 7-10.  I went from preaching about relationships on Fridays, to counting down Hip Hop charts and delivering Fresh tea on Saturdays. The transition seemed challenging but also exciting. I grabbed the opportunity and ran with it. Having both jobs seemed like an opening from God. It allows me to be in a space that I know and love on Saturdays.

I speak my truth and grow from my past; surviving an emotionally abusive and suppressive relationship – those were my emancipation Fridays.  I will forever feel indebted to Vibe FM for trusting me with their listeners. It forced me to expand and grow my talent…Mind you, I’ve never been to school or done any for training for this.

Overcoming My Limiting Beliefs

“Your biggest obstacle that keeps you from reaching your dreams is yourself.” I heard this at a business seminar. I was there physically but my mind was drifting to be honestly. But, these words woke me from the worst nightmare, of dreaming with inactivity. I couldn’t procrastinate any further, my fiancé had left me but I still had a child to raise. Holding off my dreams had no one to blame but myself, procrastination and doubt could no longer be my friend.

When you start being sure and acting towards achieving your dreams, God also starts aligning you with the right people and situations. I have always dreamt of being a farmer but never really knew how to go about achieving it.

Join our Facebook Group Girls with Grit to discuss topics that will build us up together, as women of color. 

Grabbing Opportunities

In January this year, my new nanny introduced me to a pig farming business. I knew acted on it immediately and despite my financial issues, I made an investment. I bought 2 pigs. It was a great start for me, considering I had nothing. Fast forward to the present, both pigs are pregnant, and I have added four wieners. My cabbage, spinach and beetroot garden is promising a good harvest.

Now, I am on the hunt for a bursary to be able to study agriculture as I would really love to blossom further. I dream of starting a South African Farming Forum for Women, where we can create and share innovative ideas on how we can further entrench the ideology of conserving our wealth through farming.

Prepared with a Vision

With my events company still being fairly new, I am in no rush to compete with the current events and entertainment moguls. I consider Bhelack Mavil Events (which is named after my late parents) as a spaceship that is traveling in/on a completely different orbit. Unlike other companies in this patriarchal industry, our vision is to create events and campaigns that start conversations, create relationships and promote entrepreneurial elevation.

Our mission is to eradicate the absence of prominent women in this industry, by hiring and training them through skill based positions. This will give them adequate skills to further their careers within the industry.

S.I.R (Sakha Inhloko Run) is one of the community outreach programmes we are currently working on. This initiative was birthed from the relationship feature I do at Vibe FM. As women, we have so many campaigns and initiatives that drive our concerns. With all the gender based killings and other social issues faced by men, we have crucified and judged without knowledge or understanding of the cause.

That is what SIR is here to achieve. Sakha Inhloko will be a campaign with a series of events that will afford men the opportunity to learn and teach other about the principles of being a man. Being a single mother to a boy, it is my duty to do my bit to ensure that he grows into a society that is far less tense and violent.

When people ask me why do I do what I do, especially since it takes so long before you start making money from it. My answer will always remain the same. “To touch hearts and change mind-sets, the coin is the second reward.” Like Mama Winnie, I want my presence to be felt even more when I am gone.


Anele Nzama is a woman with grit, who wears so many crowns.  We are queens, so we wear crowns. She is not only a DJ,  Feature presenter and MC but also an entrepreneur. Most importantly, Anele is a mom and wears that crown with pride too.  At just 27 years old, she is a true inspiration and one to watch.

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DJ Anele Nzama Determination Paid Off

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