Fri. Nov 16th, 2018

Cover Feature, November Issue 06 – Dodai Dorothy

Cocoon to Butterfly by Dodai Dorothy

WITBANK, SA – Dodai Dorothy is a speaker and certified transformation coach who helps women and men turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.  She’s the founder of Dodai Coaching that hosts empowerment events, group coaching and one-on-one sessions. We sat down with Ms. Dorothy asked her why she’s in the business of changing lives; here’s what she said.

The Birth of Dodai

Pain makes you grow. Brokenness makes you grow.

I’m often told that I make a positive impact on people when I engage with them. Be it on a one-on-one session or speaking to a group.  It’s my greatest joy to see downcast face light up with a smile and spark in the eye.

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Cover Feature, November Issue 06 - Dodai Dorothy

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